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Passport To Persia film
Rashna Ghadilay and Tinaz Sevak  write
This year the Chicagoland Zoroastrians again participated in the 3-day Passport to Persia Festival in March 2009 at the Children’s Museum, Navy Pier in Chicago. A Zoroastrian Artificacts table was set up by Tinaz Sevak and Rashna Ghadialy.

Visitors enjoyed thumbing through the pages of the Zoroastrian Tapestry volume. As part of the weekend entertainment program, Iranian dances were performed on popular Persian music by Sanaya Dukandar and Yazmin Rustomji; Farobag Cooper played Khon Ashem Vohu and Chaiye Hame Jarthosti on the key board; and Rashna Ghadialy read Shahnameh stories.

A slide show presentation on Respect for the Environment in Zoroastrianism and Islam was set up to educate the attendees of the ancient and modern religion of Persia.

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Dolly Dastoor

Courtesy : Behram Pastakia

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