Zoroastrian / Parsi Agiyaris & Atash Behrams on GOOGLE Maps


Greetings Fellow Zarthusti’s,
I have created a few Maps on Google.
I need help from our brethren in verifying the information and location. Please send me the corrections and ideas on how to enhance it.
Please link to my Website – www.homilimbu.com/Parsi.htm
1. All 9 Atash Behrams in the World
2. Zoroastrian Places of Worship/ Imp places in the World (Like Prayer Halls, Agiyaris, etc.)
3. Agiyaris in India (With GPS downloads)
4. Agiyaris in Mumbai (With GPS downloads)

5. Important Zoroastrian Places in Mumbai – Like Parsi baug, Hospitals, etc. (With GPS downloads)
6. Zoroastrian / Parsi Statues (Coming Soon)
7. Zoroastrian / Parsi Sanatoriums (Coming Soon)
8. Irani Restaurants in Mumbai (Work in Progress)
9. Shehanshi Calendar on Google
Have a great day and look forward to you visiting our website.
Homi & Diane Limbuwala
254-445-4381 (Hm)
254-413-6814 (Mob)
www.homilimbu.com, www.DLimeRanch.com


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  • Kersi K Dotiwalla

    Dear Mr Homi / Ms Diane

    I am quite fond of visiting different agiaries and atash behrams and dharamsala especially when I am touring out of Mumbai. I would be glad to help you as I have actually been to these places. I am quite fond of Google Maps too and often locate my destinations before (and soemtiems after) my visits. I wud be glad to help you. Do let me know what exactly do you need / expect form me. I can give you the (longitude and latitude) coordinates of these different agiaries and atash behrams and dharamsala

    Do contact me on kersikdotiwalla@rediffmail.com. I m available on 00 91 98201 48087.

    Kersi K Dotiwalla

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