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The Board of Trustees of Bombay Parsi Punchayet hereby announces that effective from July 4, 2009 (Shehansahi Roj Behram, Mah Bahman) all deaths of Parsi / Irani Zoroastrians consigned at Doongerwadi are available on the Internet on the Net address given below –

This will include information of the name of the deceased and the place, date and time of demise, as also the address of the deceased and the names of close relatives of the deceased. This will also· include information about Paidast ceremony and Uthamna ceremony and its place, date and time.

On a daily basis this announcement would be updated twice in a day so that all deaths will be available on the Net to Parsi / Irani Zoroastrians spread all over the world for the bodies consigned or to be consigned at Tower of Silence, Mumbai.

This facility is for the prompt information to all concerned. All community members can avail this facility by logging on to the above Net address.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees

(D.R. Mehta)



  • The BPP site is quite informative. However, I suggest that a list of parsi/irani blood donors (Groupwise) should also be available on your site as it will be a great boon to the members of our community in case of emergency.

    Please consider.

    • Mehelly Temton Bam

      I wish the Webmaster would be more involved in making updates. Holidays or even weekend paidast are only listed the following working days. This is not appropriate. If there is a need for a back-up or weekend webmaster, one should be appointed.

      • If you are from India, you can enrol for the free daily Uthamna updates by SMS by giving a missed call to 022 6181 6369 from your mobile phone.

  • For obvious reasons, the BPP Paidast website provides information on deaths occuring in Mumbai only. How I wish the the Federation of Parsi Anjumans in India, based in New Delhi, could do the same! They should collate death-related information from all their constituent Anjuman members and put-up a similar periodically, if not daily, updated website.

  • Dear Sir, This site is such a wonderful site.. so very informative and so well updated daily.. feel so nice to be able to view it daily.. so many times we may find the deaths from all the full details you give. Thank you.

    But Sir, would it not be possible for you to include the out of Mumbai deaths? If you could it would be so nice for us indeed. Please see if you can do something about it.

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Parvez Bativala

    The paidast site is really wonderful particularly for those who do not have access to jamejamshed. The copies of the paper reach us in Bangalore after nearly 6/7 days due to postal delays. With the paidast site we can get immediate

  • It is a good site to get info on deaths in Mumbai. It also only works when it is updated. There are times when I go to Mumbai Samachar which lists deaths on the previous days but do not show up in the BPP list. Not updating and leaving out info makes the site useless.

  • dadi s contractor

    i am dadi s contractor, from navsari ,my mother jerbanoo s contractor died on 2-12-12; we were accomodated in Bennet bangli; iam very greatful for all the satisfaction and comfort during our stay for 3 days and chahrum ni sawar. the staff and all the priest during their duties are appreciated. one of the preist was so noble with me and advised me to”He said Garib parsi ne madad karo ane koina pan Aansoo(teers-
    Nuchho) leave aside the commuunity, Khodaiji Anek veshma apni pariksha leva avechhe.500 Rupee ni Mithai var tehvare Amirone na khavdavo pan 250 rupeeana chana garibona petma jashe to te gariboni aatardi tamne DUWA AAPSHE TE TAMARA AATMA NUU KALYAAN KARSHHE>Hu parsi HU Zarthosti Hu Zorastrian Ok, CHHELE TAMARA JIVELA KARMOJ SATHE AAVSHE>YATHA JAMIADNALLE MODHE MOTTI VAATLAST RASHI MIN I.e DADIBA>

  • I am Roshen, a parsi lady, and i am interested in knowing paidist details from the earlier years. As on the website from the year 2009 its being displayed. I would wish to know and get some details from the previous years as well in order to locate my deceased sister and my parents.

  • Roshni Poonawalla

    Excellent !!!

  • Darius Minoo Bilimoria

    A suggestion- The details of death are posted after the Paidust is over and the details are furnished by the family members.
    It would help if important KEY BASIC INFORMATION,like Paidust time/date/venue, Uthamna time/date/venue, Sarosh ceremonies are updated,before the actual ceremony so relatives can make plans to travel and attend. It is sometimes inconvenient to call the grieving family to gather details.
    It is understandable that the Panchayat would need to cross verify the details before Posting updates. Thank you.

  • Sir, this site had not been updated for a long time

  • The paidast website is showing an error for the past 2 days. For those of us living abroad this is so important to keep in touch. Please check it.

  • Noshir Chikliwala

    It would be great if the BPP also kept track of those who are cremated and information is called from the Prayer Hall of all those who were cremated.

  • Minoo Maneckshaw Patel

    Is there some way to get the information of Parsi deceased persons by his name, if date, month or year and time is not known.

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