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Input from our Zoroastrian Youth From: Bob Mehr
Input from our Zoroastrian Youth
Posted by: “Bob Mehr”
Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:04 pm (PDT)

Dear Zoroastrian Youth,

Your commitment to our Zoroastrian community and your involvement are
essential to survival of our religion.
As you know, the World Zoroastrain Congress (WZC) is approaching.  We
would like to ask the opinions of our Youth in the following 6 area to be
compiled with others and presented at WZC.  The deadline is in 10
days, 7/24/09.  Please forward your response to Dr. Khosro Mehrfar at Thank You in advance for participating in this

The main topic is to know “What it would be like in 20 years’ time on
various areas of interest to the community in the following 6

Please note we are looking for what our youth believe is likely to
happen and not what they would like to see happen.

1. The Z community:   growth or shrinkage;  will they be interested in
the religion and Z affairs or does apathy take over.

2. Inter-marrieds:  their numbers as a percentage of community
marriages;  will there be general acceptance by the local Z community.

3. Born outside a Z family but professing the Z faith:  their numbers as
a proportion to the Z born of at least one Z parent;  will there be
acceptance by the local Z community.

4. Charities:  Will the needy Z still rely on Z charities for support
them or will they look more and more to non Z charities.  Will Z still
give generously to Z charities or will they direct their donations to
non Z charities?

5. Information Dissemination:  Will Z still attend seminars or will the
majority of the participants and presenters be academics interested in
the religion.

6. Definition of a Zoroastrian:   Will there be one definition which
will be acceptable in most parts of the world.   If so, what do our
youth think it is likely to be.

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