Zoroastrian Youth for the Next Generation

The Official Youth Group of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP)
ZYNG aims to:

•  Connect the Parsi Irani Zoroastrian Youth of Mumbai
•  Provide the Youth of the community with a voice and an identity
•  Inspire the Youth to be a force within our community
•  To unite them under the common aim of social, cultural and religious interaction

ZYNG’s social events and social service programs intend to build a sustainable youth movement for the Parsi Irani Zoroastrian Youth. ZYNG will provide:

•  Fun and exciting events that increase interaction
•  Hands-on training and professional development
•  Leadership opportunities
•  Social service programs aimed at addressing the needs of the less fortunate in our community.

ZYNG will function under the auspices of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) & will function as an apolitical group.

The ZYNG Team is dedicated to raising awareness, encouraging participation and getting YOU involved with your community.

REGISTER immediately at www.zyng.org

A fully functional EVENTS CALENDAR will provide you with all the upcoming Youth events in the community, whether you live in a colony or not.

• Feel free to Suggest an Event @ info@zyng.org
• Utilize our CAREER and MATRIMONY Portals

What are you waiting for – SIGN UP asap and check out our EVENTS CALENDAR.
We hope to see you at our next EVENT! Contact: info@zyng.org

All Parsi/Irani Zoroastrian in accordance with BPP definition of Parsi Irani Zoroastrian. Age 15 – 40 years.

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