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An Overview of Community’s Economic Situation in India

This is an India Centric note, prepared with the intent to acquaint global leaders of the abysmal financially constrained situation that increasing numbers of our community members in India are finding themselves in.


The growing downhill trend of the financial condition of community members is akin to our demographics, that of being on a very slippery slope.


Due to our depleting numbers, the dependency rate in families has risen to 1:4, which means 4 members of a family are dependent on only one earning member (spouse, child or children, elderly parent/s and in some instances grandparents).


For only one earning member in a family having to support 4 others and his/her own self can indeed be very daunting in present days and times with inflation and spiraling prices.


Though Covid-19 has thankfully subsided, it has left in its wake untold financial hardships for families; salaries that were substantially reduced during the pandemic years (mid-2019 to mid-2022) have not been fully reinstated, and businesses have not fully recovered, some even have had to shut down.


Though the dependency and declining population are issues not within our ambit to control we can at best endeavour to alleviate to the extent possible, the continuously increasing financial needs of Zoroastrians in India.


The WZO Trust Funds have been involved in amelioration and rehabilitation measures of our community members in various areas of need on a Pan India over the last three decades.


Whilst some Trusts in India do extend support to applicants for various causes, the extent to which they do so are not shared in the public domain and hence it is not possible to quantify.


However, WZO Trusts depending on donor’s support for their multifarious welfare activities have always pursued the policy of being transparent in their dealings and accountable to donors at all times.


We are pleased to share with GCZT / GWG Trustees & Regional Representatives a table below which provides a break up of assistance extended to various beneficiaries during course of financial year April 2021- March 2022, and the first ten months of the current financial year (April 2022 – January 2023):





of         of beneficiaries

Amount (Rs) No. of beneficiaries       Amount





1 MEDICAL 544 51,247,499 443            39,181,532  

Economically challenged Senior Citizens

163 10,805,164 152            13,895,798  
3 RELIEF FROM POVERTY (Lumpsum) 367 5,215,500 390              5,931,300  








a) Relief From Poverty  
b) Senior Mobeds 117 10,530,000 117            10,530,000  
c) Senior Widows of Mobeds 31 2,232,000 31              2,232,000  
d) Economically challenged Senior Citizens 213 12,780,000 202            12,120,000  
e) Pall Bearers 70 6,300,000 77              6,930,000  
TOTAL 984 64,096,500 1010            67,224,000  








a) Medical  
b) Relief From Poverty 130 2,907,000 72              1,466,600  
c) Others 604 12,035,270 21              1,067,535  
d) Ventilators to Hospitals 2 5,725,000 0  
e) Laptop Distributed to needy students 30 1,128,000 0  
TOTAL 955 34,621,264 183              6,231,575  
6 F FFOOD GRAINS DISTRIBUTED 944 5,216,686 212              1,507,950  
8 FARMERS WELFARE / REHABILITATION 12 1,036,915 15              2,230,000  
9 SELF EMPLOYMENT 8 3,100,000 10              4,255,000  








a) For converting Huts to Cottages  
b) For Repairs to Cottages 9 840,000 9              1,327,000  
TOTAL 18 2,290,000 15              3,238,000  
11 DONATIONS TO FIRE TEMPLES FOR REPAIRS / KATHI 15 4,130,213 10              2,470,922  
12 GENERAL CHARITIES 0 1,541,122 0              2,470,360  
13 BOOKS & PERIODICALS 0 559,588 0                 366,802  
14 YOUTH ACTIVITIES 0 1,908,200 0              2,825,000  
15 SENIOR CITIZENS CENTRE, NAVSARI 0 8,694,252 0              7,245,210  
16 SANJAN SANATORIUM 0 842,115 0              1,007,338  
17 ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES 0 2,888,526 0              3,563,866  
% Of administrative expenses 1.44%               2.18%  
to total disbursements/expenses  















A multi-pronged approach is generally followed by WZO Trusts:


  1. To provide relief as in the case of providing financial support towards the pursuit of education, providing relief from poverty through quarterly and lumpsum disbursements and towards supporting hospitalisation and medical needs.


With regards to hospitalisation, it needs to be understood that quite many of our community members are not insured under the Mediclaim Schemes as some cannot afford to pay the annual premiums, whilst others being in their 80’s cannot avail of Mediclaim facilities.


  1. To rehabilitate and motivate community members to become self-sufficient and stand on their own feet by providing them interest free financial support to be self-employed in disciplines of their choice.


(As a matter of interest, it needs to be mentioned that since the self-employment project was launched in 1995, 1214 Zoroastrians have been extended interest free financial support up to a maximum of Rs.500,000/= that has to be repaid in 40 equated monthly instalments of Rs.12,500 per month. Generally, a two to three months moratorium on repayments is considered depending on type of the profession pursued. In some instances, those involved in professions such as driving auto rickshaws, taxis etc. have repaid the amounts and been provided additional loans to enable them to change their vehicles after years of use).


  1. Around 450 Zoroastrians residing in the villages of Gujarat and Maharashtra have been extended interest free financial support towards pursuing agricultural farming, fish farming, dairy farms and poultry farms.


Repayments for these beneficiaries are based on their enhanced earnings than before and are generally on an annual basis.


The purpose of providing interest free financial support to beneficiaries as per b) & c) is to wean them away from being dependent on charity, become self-sufficient and live with self-respect and dignity.


WZO Trusts undertakes and executes all projects by expending 100% of amounts received as donation to beneficiaries without levying any administrative charge. The administrative expenses such as staff salaries, office expenditure, travels to beneficiary’s locations are all borne by us.




The community has been very fortunate to have been blessed with benefactors from all parts of the world, especially from Hong Kong.


Donations received from The Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton & Macao upon the approval of Neville Shroff constitute around 55% of donations received by WZO Trusts.


FEZANA, ZTFE, AZA Sydney, WZO also extend support whenever an appeal is circulated.


Individuals from overseas as well as from within India also contribute whenever an appeal is made.


WZO Trusts also receive funds from time to time through Executors of WILLs based on bequests made by individuals.



In Conclusion:


Whilst the inflow of donations and quantum of support extended may appear to be substantial, the needs of the community are continuing to increase on account of our aging and falling numbers and dependency ratios.


The purpose of this note has been to make global community leadership aware of the ground realities prevailing in India and to seek continuing and additional support for various welfare projects that are underway as well as for emergency situations that arise from time to time.



Best Wishes,


Dinshaw K. Tamboly,

WZO Trusts.




GLOBAL WORKING GROUP Renews Amelioration & Welfare Scheme of Senior Mobeds & Widows of Senior Mobeds.

Community members are aware that Global Working Group (GWG) – comprising of elected Parsi Irani Zoroastrian Federations, Associations in countries that do not have Federations and some prominent Zoroastrians –  being aware of the economic challenges faced by Mobeds (Priests) & widows of Mobeds, 60 years and above – had due to the initiative and efforts of GWG President Mr. Neville Shroff, received funds for disbursement during the year 2019 from a Charitable Trust registered overseas, administered by Philanthropy Services Division of a leading international bank.


From the funds received, 109 Mobeds and 30 Widows of Mobeds, 60 years and above, whose annual income is less than Rs.600,000 in the case of Mobeds and Rs.300,000 in the case of widows of Mobeds, are being assisted to the tune of Rs.19,500 per quarter in case of Mobeds and Rs.13,500 per quarter in case of Widows of Elderly Mobeds.


The funds have been received by and are disbursed through WZO Trust Funds to the beneficiaries in India.


WZO Trust Funds are pleased to inform all the beneficiaries that once again, due to the efforts of GWG President Mr. Neville Shroff, the same Charitable Trust registered overseas and administered by Philanthropy Services Division of a leading international bank have agreed to continue the same level of support during the course of 2020.

Many elderly Mobeds and their widows, who having sacrificed gainful employment all their working days and tended to the spiritual needs of the community, have at best been surviving on very nominal incomes, finding it economically challenging to pass the sunset phase of their lives. It is indeed very commendable that the Charitable Trust registered overseas, administered by Philanthropy Services Division of a leading international bank have made it possible to introduce some degree of comfort into the lives of these elderly Mobeds and Widows of Elderly Mobeds who have spent their lives being guardians of our faith.


WZO Trust Funds takes the opportunity to place on record the untiring efforts of GWG President Mr. Neville Shroff, whose initiative and efforts have made it possible for the project to be renewed for the year 2020.



Dinshaw K. Tamboly;


WZO Trust Funds.


GWG – Mobed Welfare Scheme

Global Working Group (GWG)

Proposed Scheme for Welfare of Senior Citizen Mobeds


The Global Working Group (GWG), at their annual meetings, have decided to extend financial support to Mobeds, who having catered to the spiritual needs of the community, unfortunately in their old age continue to subsist in economically challenged circumstances.

The Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton & Macao have taken the initiative and successfully managed to convince a foreign based corporate to commit financial support for this proposal.

It has been decided by GWG – ZCK HK, to extend financial support to:

  1. Economically challenged Mobed Couples and Mobeds who are single or widowed, 60 years and over whose total income is less than Rs.50,000 per month.
  2. Economically challenged widows of Mobeds, 60 years and over whose total income is less than Rs. 25,000 per month.

The WZO Trust Funds have been requested to compile a Pan India list of Mobeds who meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above and are interested in receiving support, which will be disbursed on a quarterly basis.

Interested applicants will need to make available two passport size photographs, and should it be thought necessary, to make available bank pass books and other relevant documents for verification.

As the intent is to launch the proposed scheme from the quarter Jan / March 2019 onwards, Mobed couples, single or widowed Mobeds and widows of Mobeds, meeting the eligibility criteria and interested in receiving the support may please write immediately mentioning age, income, attach two photographs of each applicant and send the same to the address below, no later than November 30, 2018:

The WZO Trust Funds,
C-1, Hermes House,
Mama Parmanand Marg,
Opera House,
Mumbai 400 004.

Applying to Graduate School in the US

17th April, 2018
A Webinar
Applying to Graduate School in the US
Sponsored By
Zoroastrian Faculty Network (ZFN)
A GWG/WZCC Joint Initiative

On May 5, 2018, 9:00AM India Time

Farrokh Mistree, Ph.D.

L.A. Comp Chair and Professor,
School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering,
University of Oklahoma.

Janet K. Allen, Ph.D.
John and Mary Moore Chair and Professor,
School of Industrial Engineering,
University of Oklahoma.
Content of the webinar is
“Key elements of securing admission and funding at graduate schools in the US”Click here to Register
Please note:

  • Parents are encouraged to participate.
  • Information on how to participate and access to the slides will be sent after registration.

Edul Daver
 – WZCC Global President


2nd April, 2018
Joint Project of GWG & WZCC
Dr. Farrokh Mistree has been a long term advocate for WZCC to develop a Zoroastrian Faculty Network that would empower Zarathushti students to create economic, cultural & intellectual value.

GWG represented by Farrokh Rustomji and Behram Pastakia were to find ways of helping students from India to gain admission into foreign universities and address related questions.

After some discussions at the recent WZCC AGM in Bangalore and GWG discussion in Mumbai it was felt that a Joint Project between WZCC & GWG would enable us to attain this objective on a more sustainable and fast track basis. This concept was passed by WZCC & GWG and both have endorsed it.

As such this is to announce the formation of the ZOROASTRIAN FACULTY NETWORK.

It’s Vision, Mission, Desired Outcomes & Initial Action Proposals are outlined in the linked document….. Read on

Edul Daver
 – WZCC Global President

World Zoroastrian Congress – Early bird closes on 21 February 2018

Just Informing everyone that the 11th WZC speakers & programme has been uploaded on website. There will be new & innovative subjects & speakers.
Do check it out!

Early bird closes on 21 February 2018. Price for the normal registration will be $575 from 22 February 2018 (early bird is $499).

Please do inform your family and friends also. Thanks and hope to see you there!!

List of WZCongress Awardees at a glance (2000- 2013)

North America – 2000
Outstanding World Zarathushti Award Kaikhosrov D. Irani
World Zarathuhsti Award for Humanitarian Service and/or Philanthrophy Mobed Mehraban Zaratoshty
World Zarathushti Award for Excellence in Business and Profession Dr. Jamshed J Irani
World Zarathushti Award for Performing Arts, Painting and Literature Zubin Mehli Mehta
World  Zarathushti Youth Award for Outstanding leadership Kerman Yazdi Jasavala
 International Design Competition for the World Zarathushti Community Awards trophy Mr. Shahram Akhtar Khavari



London – 2005
London did not hold WZC Awards


Dubai –  2009 
Outstanding Zarathushti Award Rohinton Rivetna
Community Service Award Dinshaw Tamboly
Excellence in Medicine Award Dr. Farokh Udwadia
Excellence in Performing Arts, Painting & Literature Award Sooni Taraporevala
Technology and Engineering Award Minoo Patel
Outstanding Philanthropist (Special Honor – not included in nomination category) Zartoshty Brothers – Mehraban and Faridoon


Mumbai –  2013 
Social Category BPP gave Rs.1 Lakh to Mrs.Ratamai Peshotan Peer
Social Workers BPP offered 9 social workers a token award of Rs.11,000/- each, for cleaning of Dokhmas and Fire Temples
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