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GWG – Mobed Welfare Scheme

Global Working Group (GWG)

Proposed Scheme for Welfare of Senior Citizen Mobeds


The Global Working Group (GWG), at their annual meetings, have decided to extend financial support to Mobeds, who having catered to the spiritual needs of the community, unfortunately in their old age continue to subsist in economically challenged circumstances.

The Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton & Macao have taken the initiative and successfully managed to convince a foreign based corporate to commit financial support for this proposal.

It has been decided by GWG – ZCK HK, to extend financial support to:

  1. Economically challenged Mobed Couples and Mobeds who are single or widowed, 60 years and over whose total income is less than Rs.50,000 per month.
  2. Economically challenged widows of Mobeds, 60 years and over whose total income is less than Rs. 25,000 per month.

The WZO Trust Funds have been requested to compile a Pan India list of Mobeds who meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above and are interested in receiving support, which will be disbursed on a quarterly basis.

Interested applicants will need to make available two passport size photographs, and should it be thought necessary, to make available bank pass books and other relevant documents for verification.

As the intent is to launch the proposed scheme from the quarter Jan / March 2019 onwards, Mobed couples, single or widowed Mobeds and widows of Mobeds, meeting the eligibility criteria and interested in receiving the support may please write immediately mentioning age, income, attach two photographs of each applicant and send the same to the address below, no later than November 30, 2018:

The WZO Trust Funds,
C-1, Hermes House,
Mama Parmanand Marg,
Opera House,
Mumbai 400 004.

Applying to Graduate School in the US

17th April, 2018
A Webinar
Applying to Graduate School in the US
Sponsored By
Zoroastrian Faculty Network (ZFN)
A GWG/WZCC Joint Initiative

On May 5, 2018, 9:00AM India Time

Farrokh Mistree, Ph.D.

L.A. Comp Chair and Professor,
School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering,
University of Oklahoma.

Janet K. Allen, Ph.D.
John and Mary Moore Chair and Professor,
School of Industrial Engineering,
University of Oklahoma.
Content of the webinar is
“Key elements of securing admission and funding at graduate schools in the US”Click here to Register
Please note:

  • Parents are encouraged to participate.
  • Information on how to participate and access to the slides will be sent after registration.

Edul Daver
 – WZCC Global President


2nd April, 2018
Joint Project of GWG & WZCC
Dr. Farrokh Mistree has been a long term advocate for WZCC to develop a Zoroastrian Faculty Network that would empower Zarathushti students to create economic, cultural & intellectual value.

GWG represented by Farrokh Rustomji and Behram Pastakia were to find ways of helping students from India to gain admission into foreign universities and address related questions.

After some discussions at the recent WZCC AGM in Bangalore and GWG discussion in Mumbai it was felt that a Joint Project between WZCC & GWG would enable us to attain this objective on a more sustainable and fast track basis. This concept was passed by WZCC & GWG and both have endorsed it.

As such this is to announce the formation of the ZOROASTRIAN FACULTY NETWORK.

It’s Vision, Mission, Desired Outcomes & Initial Action Proposals are outlined in the linked document….. Read on

Edul Daver
 – WZCC Global President

World Zoroastrian Congress – Early bird closes on 21 February 2018

Just Informing everyone that the 11th WZC speakers & programme has been uploaded on website. There will be new & innovative subjects & speakers.
Do check it out!

Early bird closes on 21 February 2018. Price for the normal registration will be $575 from 22 February 2018 (early bird is $499).

Please do inform your family and friends also. Thanks and hope to see you there!!

List of WZCongress Awardees at a glance (2000- 2013)

North America – 2000
Outstanding World Zarathushti Award Kaikhosrov D. Irani
World Zarathuhsti Award for Humanitarian Service and/or Philanthrophy Mobed Mehraban Zaratoshty
World Zarathushti Award for Excellence in Business and Profession Dr. Jamshed J Irani
World Zarathushti Award for Performing Arts, Painting and Literature Zubin Mehli Mehta
World  Zarathushti Youth Award for Outstanding leadership Kerman Yazdi Jasavala
 International Design Competition for the World Zarathushti Community Awards trophy Mr. Shahram Akhtar Khavari



London – 2005
London did not hold WZC Awards


Dubai –  2009 
Outstanding Zarathushti Award Rohinton Rivetna
Community Service Award Dinshaw Tamboly
Excellence in Medicine Award Dr. Farokh Udwadia
Excellence in Performing Arts, Painting & Literature Award Sooni Taraporevala
Technology and Engineering Award Minoo Patel
Outstanding Philanthropist (Special Honor – not included in nomination category) Zartoshty Brothers – Mehraban and Faridoon


Mumbai –  2013 
Social Category BPP gave Rs.1 Lakh to Mrs.Ratamai Peshotan Peer
Social Workers BPP offered 9 social workers a token award of Rs.11,000/- each, for cleaning of Dokhmas and Fire Temples


The Global Working Group brings together representatives of Federations in the diaspora. The GWG met in Hongkong on 15 and 16 December. As per tradition, the meeting was presided by the host Federation Chair which this year was Mr Neville Shroff of Hongkong. The meeting coincided with the AGM of the WZCC which was also graciously hosted by Hongkong. The GWG regretted the absence of any representative from the BPP though Mr Farokh Rustomji from FPZAI was indeed participating.

The GWG discussions took on from the previous meeting in December 2015 at Udvada which preceded the  landmark 1st Iranshah Udvada Utsav. In retrospect the GWG consensus was that the 1st IUU had been a great success and congratulations were tendered to the Organising Team led by Vada Dasturji Khurshed. The GWG looks forward to the next IUU scheduled for 23 and 24 December 2017. Mr Dinshaw Tamboly briefed the GWG about preparations and the progress in the regeneration of Udvada, with help from the dynamic Central Minister Mrs Smriti Irani. The GWG welcomed the proposal to establish a Museum in Udvada as a milestone towards regeneration. Mrs Meher Bhesania was delegated with progressing this idea, based on suggestions received from the Prime Minister himself and Mrs Irani and the help and encouragement coming from that direction. There was also a suggestion to examine if the museum could be established in Mumbai rather than in Udvada but the balance of logic was in favour of Udvada – considering the cost of land in Mumbai. The Museum Project would be developed in conjunction with Dasturji Khurshed and Mr Tamboly while calling upon the technical expertise of Dr Shernaz Cama, Mrs Pheroza Godrej and Mrs Firoza Mistree.

A proposal to enable overseas Anjumans and Donors to donate in each case One Year’s supply of Kathi to Agiaries that require such assistance was also taken up.

The GWG received an update on preparations for the 11th World Congress to be hosted in Perth, Australia – from Mr Firoz Pestonji and Mr Jimmy Medhora on behalf of the Organising Committee. Details will be released in due course by the Organisers.

The GWG has appointed a committee to handle the 11th WZC Awards programme

The GWG has also appointed a committee to select the venue for the 12th World Zoroastrian Congress

The GWG also decided that Mr Yazdi Tantra will expand the portal to disseminate information on Demographics, Opportunities, Activities and related Developments worldwide and the Regional Federations will publicize this portal to their memberships. This should ensure a Single Window of Information.

It was mooted that GWG should appoint an Administrator to oversee progress on its decisions and be a central point for communications. Initially Mr Neville Shroff of Hongkong was requested to take up this assignment subject to the agreement of the Hongkong Board.

The GWG has initiated the following sub-committees with individuals charged with reporting their work;

Women    Mrs Behroze Daruwalla and Mrs Katayun Kapadia

Youth        Mr Arzan Sam Wadia

Resettlement and Information   Each Region to appoint one Coordinator and report the name within the next 30 days

Arts & Culture   Mrs Meher Bhesania

Education    Mr Farokh Rustomji

As regards Entrepreneurship, it was felt the WZCC was the right forum to progress this initiative. Subsequently several members and well wishers have continued this dialogue and will be taking forward initiatives to Change the mindset of Zoroastrian youth and more importantly their parents towards Risk Taking.

The GWG reiterated the view that it was most important for leaders and in particular elected officers from the diaspora to meet and talk periodically because the contacts and frienships that are made in such interaction serve dramatically to improve relations and tackle problems.

Neville Shroff and his team were profusely thanked for their hospitality and for hosting these twin events with great warmth and professionalism.

Further details can be obtained by the media from Dorab Mistry, Dinshaw Tamboly, Homi Gandhi or Rohinton Rivetna.

Many thanks and best regards

Dorab Mistry OBE

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