Igenius Scholarship Program

In today’s world, being a genius is much more than getting an A+.

For a complete personality development, extra-curricular skills are as important as academics. That’s why, Max New York Life igenius scholarship programme encourages your little one to be an all-rounder. The aim of this scholarship is to help the children realise their intrinsic potential.

With no registration fees, this free programme offers your children an opportunity to win a scholarship of up to Rs. 20 Lakh.

If you believe your child has all-round brilliance, Max New York Life igenius Scholarship Programme offers you a chance to make the most of it now.

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  • I liked the idea of igenius very much . I myself am a student (of class 5b – Ritika Das of N.L. Dalmia High School in Mira Rd of Mumbai ) . I liked the idea of distributing education between students and encouraging them to take part in such activities by distributing prizes . I hope that igenius would like my comments and make sure that there are more external exams such as these scholarship exams for we children . Thanking you a lot .

  • dr. venugopal .n.t

    thanks for this innovative, inspiring and interesting programme. bursaries are very essential for eduction in this competitive world. i being a gold medalist, getting distinction through out my eduction, participated my many skating competition and quiz programmes understand the need for all round development of the child.

    thanks max life insurance for this good programme. i am looking forward for a reply from you.

    you have gone for the best quiz master India has ever produced, mr. derek O’ brain is the force to reckon with in the quizzing world.

    may the best child win


  • i want to partispate in this compatiton

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