Course on Avestan Yashts and Persian Shahnameh

The M. J. Wadia Fire Temple Trust, Lalbaug proudly presents …

A Composite Course for 2010-2011

“The Avestan Yashts and the Persian Shahnameh- * 10 sessions of approximately 90 minutes (one session every month)

* Each session will have a talk by a select faculty, followed by discussions

* The course will have a second part the following year. * Topics: Yashts – Select Yashts like Hormazd, Ardibahesht, Haptan, Sarosh and Avan Yashts will be cxplained in detail with special reference to their practical applications.

Shahnameh will bc covered in bricf – Important episodes – will be individually presented, with emphasis on moral lessons from thc episodes.

* Date of Commencement: 4th April 2010, 11;00 a.m.

* Fees: Rs. 750 for the entire course.

* Venue M.J. Wadia Agiyari Hall, Lalbaug.

* Certificates will be given to all participants who complete the course

* Course Director: Er. Dr. Ramiyar P. Karanjia.

* For Registrations, contact Roxane on 98193 79345

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