Nowruz Parade 2010 in windy Chicago



You will enjoy the above front page of “The Zarathushti Times” (sic!) created by Bejan Irani showing the Zarathushti participation in Chicago’s first Persian Parade. 

 Four brave Zoroastrians (Keikhosrow Mobed, Jim Engineer, Bejan Irani and Rohinton Rivetna) bearing Zoroastrian banners, were among the 300 or so parade participants that faced the bitter cold, and blowing rain, snow and wind that howled through downtown Chicago on March 20th, heralding Nowruz!  While no match to the popular NY Persian Parade, this was a great first-time effort organized by a Persian group in Chicago. 

 Several Zarathushtis (Tenaz Sevak, Rashna Ghadialy and others) also participated with a Zoroastrian table set up at the Persian Festival held every year at Navy Pier in Chicago. 

 Happy Nowruz!

Roshan Rivetna

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