Ta-ta to Tata

Here is an Hilarious article from the Times of India , Aug 12, 2010, 12.00am IST writen by Bachi Karkaria.

When Apro Ratan goes, can doom be far behind?
Bachi Karkaria

Bomsie surveyed the pall of gloom which hung over Mumbai’s Dadar Parsi Colony. “Eh, Kawsie,” he said, “Soo thayech soo, sala? Wotthehell is happening? Why are all the bawajis going around with faces longer than a college admission queue when our new year is just a week away? Have all the stocks of festive ‘ravo’ been infested with worms? Has Central Bank gone bankrupt? Has ivory-shouldered Ava, the drool of every Parsi dude, run off with some maka-pao, miya or Madrasi?”

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Courtesy : Cy Bulsara

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