My Little Book of Zoroastrian Prayers

Dear Friends,

I have recently published a children’s book entitled My Little Book of Zoroastrian Prayers. This book is designed for children ages 9 to 12 but it may be even useful to those adults who would like to learn about the basics of Zoroastrian religion.
This book contains more than 40 prayers taken from the various parts of the Avesta. These prayers have been simplified and shortened for children’s better understanding. The second section of the book contains more than 30 questions followed by simple answers about Zoroastrianism.
This book is now for purchase at and my own website
Please check it out!
Thank you for your support,
Rebecca Cann
Asha Publications
Los Gatos, CA

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  • Dear Rebecca,
    I have read some of your stories , on the website I am particularly interested as all my Grand children are of mixed marriges and its nice to be able to explain to them, with Illusitrated books, and the meaning of the prayers [which we never an an opportunity when we were growing up.]
    However, I feel obliged to bring to your attention that there is an error in your storiy of the Horse . It was not because of the Four wishes granted to the Prophet, that the horse regained his legs , It was the fact that Zarathushtra recited a Yaha hu Vairo, , and each time he said one , one of the horse’s legs was restored to normalsy Thats is how the King Vishtaspa accepted Zarathrusra’s new religion and prayers.
    We were taught this by our High Priest in Mumbai, and he was one of the most reverred priests…. unfortunately not many of them exist today .. and thats the reason our Faith and religion are soom dwindling away!
    Wld love to hear from you

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