Opportunity to participate in New Darbe Mehr in New York

Fellow Zarathushtis,

Here is an opportunity for you to participate in the building of a new Darbe Mehr in New York area. This new Darbe Mehr will be located at the present address and will be continued to be called as Arbab Rustam Guiv Darbe Mehr.

Design and floor plans for the New Darbe Mehr are included in the attachments. Another attachment describes in detail the initiative, the project with construction costs and fund raising efforts, timeline, and how you can actively participate in this worthy project. The community would be very appreciative of your support and kind donation which will enable the Zarathushti religion and culture to shine brightly in North America. Please fill out the Donation Form and follow the instructions therein.

Presidents of Member associations and Small Groups are requested to publicize this email on your respective websites and/or in your periodic Newsletters. This will be very much appreciated.

On Behalf of the New Darbe Mehr Initiative (NDMI)
Homi D Gandhi, Treasurer, NDMI

The New Darbe Mehr Project June 7 2011

1st. Floor Plan

2nd. Floor Plan

FINAL Donation Form

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