Can we revive the Dokhma at Surat ?

Dear Friends,

These are a few snaps of our Dokhma at village Damka near Hazira, Dist Surat, (About 20 Kms from Surat city) which had been built in the year 1915. It is really constructed in a very scientific way.   Today it is just a history, as it is lying unused on a barren land, which ofcourse can be revived with a little refurbishment and plantations around.   The area is thriving with good number of vultures, moreover the Nature Club Surat,(  is working hard since 2005 on vulture conservation project and have attained success by increasing its population.    Why can’t we parsis extend a helping hand to the nature club to increase vulture population in its natural habitat and revive this dokhma in its real sense by reviving the missing component of the system “Vultures” ?     

Regards   Zubin B. MistryInsurance Surveyor & Loss Assessor Surat.Mo. 098241 11138

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  • Dear Zubin bhai,
    Very commendable that you wish to revive the Dokhma,especially since Surat is the only city
    in the world with a growing population!
    Dastur sahebs Kobad and Dara Bharda should be able to help in the matter.Kobad’s wife
    Rukhshana is also from Surat.Their mother is my cousin
    My prayer to Ahura Mazda that you may succeed.
    Cyrus.S. Meherji Kolkata.

  • I am a hindu. I have some parsee friends, from whom I understood that there are hardly any vultures left at Mumbai dokhmas. Parsee community is facing difficulty in disposal of mortal remains of departed souls at Dokhmas. I am wondering if you can use the dokhma at Hajira or some other place convinient to you where there are enough of vultures for the parsee residents of Mumbai.

    • I applaud you for being a true friend of the Parsees with a valid suggestion.
      Yes, why can’t this ‘Dokhma’ be revived, giving a push to the Dokhmenashini system of disposal?

  • Dear Mr. Zubin,
    Its so nice to see that you people are trying to revive the Dokhma, and the system of Dokhmenashini. From the photographs thus posted by you it seems that the Dokhma is in good condition, (only some weed has grown but that can be removed) and once again be used by the Parsi/Zoroastrian community.
    May Dadar Ahura Mazda bless you and all those involved in the revival of the Dokhma. You all are doing a great service to the nature, and to the community. God Bless you all.


    Cyrus P. Kherawala.

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