Year-end donation request for FEZANA

As we approach the end of 2011, please accept our sincere thanks for your support of FEZANA over the years.

At the last Annual Meeting, FEZANA Members approved a new 10-Year Strategic Plan that will provide a framework for continued progress towards its mission, which is:

“To develop a Zarathushti community in North America that is well-connected, well-educated, well-grounded in Zarathushti religious thought, values, and ethics, respectful of diversity, strong in collective giving, economically prosperous, a community which will be recognized for its contribution in all aspects of religious and communal life.”


FEZANA continues to grow in strength and reputation. FEZANA regularly reports its activities in the FEZANA Journal and on-line via the FEZANA Bulletin. As FEZANA grows, its annual budget is also growing.  Due to the present performance of the financial markets, FEZANA’s investment income as well as receipts from donations ($65,000 to date in 2011) have substantially decreased in comparison to past years; and we are seeking additional donations to continue our work without dipping into our principal assets.  FEZANA is budgeted to spend over $109,000 during the 2011 fiscal year (January to December).


FEZANA’s funds are prudently managed by a competent financial planner and the accounts are audited periodically by a CPA. A non-profit corporation tax return is filed every year in compliance with US Internal Revenue Service 501 (c)3 regulations, which becomes part of public records.

We urge you to consider a year-end donation to FEZANA.  The most urgent need at this time of the year is to add to the corpus of the FEZANA General Fund, which is used for funding most of FEZANA’s budgeted activities.

Please visit the FEZANA web site at to make a donation with a credit card; orsend your donation by mail to the FEZANA Treasurer, Mr. Ratan Mistry, at 1258 Water Lily Way, San Jose, CA 95129; or contact one of the FEZANA officers listed on the web site.

With best wishes for the New Year 2012,

Yours in service,

Bomi Patel                              Rustom Kevala

President                                 Chairperson, FEZANA Funds & Finance Committee   

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