WOMENS WEEK SPECIAL – 8th March 2012


WOMENS WEEK SPECIAL —Planned around 8th March 2012

Dear Friends, Zoroastrianism, one of the world’s oldest religions has survived from prehistory. The UNESCO Parsi -Zoroastrian (Parzor) project has been working to generate awareness of this miniscule minority and has undertaken research in various fields, working towards the preservation and promotion of Parsi Zoroastrian Heritage and Culture. One of the important activities undertaken by Parzor has been research in Parsi textiles and hand embroidery. This unique craft form draws on the best of East and West. Iranian, Indian, Chinese and European influences combine to create this multicultural tradition.

UNESCO Parzor has been reviving this exquisite craft by researching symbols and designs, some of which have been passed down for 3000 years. We have trained a new generation of Indian artisans, while creating understanding amongst the Parsi community about their wonderful heritage. Based on authentic designs, motifs and colors, Parzor has created beautiful contemporized products for you.

Baaya Design, an exclusive Retail Store, dedicated to folk art and traditional craft, is planning an exciting in-store event celebrating womanhood in the month of March. (8th March is women’s day). Parzor has been specially invited to Mumbai to join them. Our products include accessories such as stoles, purses, wallets and mobile covers. A range of stationery and gift items such as wall hangings, cards and gift envelopes will be available. Most of our items carry an authentic explanation of the significance ofthe designs and symbols used based on many years of our research.

BAAYA DESIGN STORE Raghuvanshi Mills Compound, Next to Phoenix Mills, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai – 13.

Ph: 022-65210165

MARCH 6 -10,2012(10.30am – 7.30prn)/ MARCH 11 ( I 1.30am- to 5.30pm)

On behalf of Parzor, we invite you, your family and friends, to visit the Parzor counter at the Baaya Design store. We celebrate not only this wonderful craft but also pay homage to the women who hand craft these products. All proceeds go towards research and preservation of our rich heritage. Your support will help preserve a Heritage of Humanity.

Dr. Shernaz Cama

Director UNESCO Parzor Project

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