Sarosh Yazad

Sarosh roj today – Adar mah of YZ 1381.

Sarosh roj is dedicated to Sarosh Yazad, a very important and protective Yazad.

Sarosh denotes obedience, more precisely obedience to Ahura Mazda’s Laws of Righteousness. The devotee who is obedient to Ahura’s Laws and puts them into daily practice in his day-to-day dealings with his fellow men is a true devotee and because of his faithfulness, he makes spiritual progress. Of course, Sarosh Yazad protects such persons.

If one wishes to have the protective influence of Sarosh Yazad more in one’s life, then one may pray the Sarosh Yasht Hadokht (SYH) and Sarosh Yasht Vadi (SYV) prayers.

SY Hadokht is prayed in the Havan, Rapithvan, Uziran and Ushahin gehs, but not in Aiwishuthrem geh, where SY Vadi is prayed.

Some Parsis believe that Sarosh Yasht Vadi prayed every night is a farazyat (obligatory) prayer, and do not go to sleep without praying it. Of course, these Parsis enjoy a good night’s sleep without any bad dreams and other nightmares which plague so many of us at night. They are in fact turning over their night vigil to Sarosh Yazad, and He ensures that we are safe from any Satanic or Ahrimanic attack at night.

It is believed that the onslaught of Ahriman is more at night, especially after midnight to 3 am. In this period, if we are behdins, we are not enjoined to pray any Avesta mathravani.

It is also a fact that Zohak, who has been imprisoned in a well in Iran by King Faredoon thousands of years ago, sucks the chain which binds him, at night. At the time of dawn, when his chain is very thin, and he could break it if allowed further, then at the right time and due to Ahura’s Will, and under the influence of Sarosh Yazad, the (male) rooster crows: . This crowing has got the manthric equivalent to cut the druj in the air and hence the chain which binds Zohak grows thick again and Zohak’s imprisonment continues.

Such is the in-depth beauty of our religion and the manthravani and the interdependence of all Creations on each other.

These Happenings in Nature are definitely important for our children and adults alike to cherish, remember and to praise Ahura Mazda’s miracles and Sarosh Yazad’s protection.
Courtesy : Mehernosh Kapadia

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