XVI North American Zarathushti Congress 2012

Newsletter # 17 Countdown to the Congress: 15 Days
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NAZC 2012 APP Launch

In a first for a Zarathushti event anywhere in the world, ZAGNY and the hosts of the XVI NAZC 2012 are happy to announce the launch of their App. This app is free and is available for immediate download for both Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. The app is free.
To download for
Apple iOS: Download
Android: Download

Operation EYESIGHT: Legacy Project

Lions Recycle for Sight

While each of us awakens to a world of light, color, and clarity, with which we see the world, there are many who do not share in the simplicity of sight, as their vision is eclipsed by a visual impairment. However, 80% of blindness is avoidable with a simple eye exam and proper prescription lenses.
In the interest of continuing the legacy of Operation Eyesight which was initiated at the 7th World Zoroastrian Congress held in Houston, Texas, the XVI North American Zarathushti Congress organizers are partnering with Lions Club International and making a contribution to the Lions Recycle for Sight Campaign to help an underserved community attain eyewear and proper eye exam screenings in countries in India and Africa.
Take the next step with us as FEZANA and ZAGNY, in partnership with IZA, continue this journey to enhance the lives of those who need to see, but do not have the means or tools to achieve this. Please join us by bringing your used and usable eyeglasses (sunglasses are not required) to the XVI North American Zarathushti Congress in Rye, New York, August 2 -5 , 2012.
Ask your friends, co-workers, and neighbors for their used eye-glasses tucked away in a drawer. Pack them with you or send them with your friends or local Zarathushti representatives. We will have a collection box near the registration desk at the Congress. Your support is a way to give back to a community of people who are in need and perpetuate humanitarian efforts started 12 years ago with Operation Eyesight. We look forward to seeing you and your glasses.
Please contact Ferzin Patel at Ferzin@ZAGNY.org with any queries.

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