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Dear ZAF: We are very pleased to bring you issue #3-2012 of our Newsletter Zor & More.  The publication is made possible by a generous and kind well-wishing member of ZAF and many other gracious contributors of goodwill messages.  We are grateful for your generosity and hearty support. 
We are sure you will see not only the happenings in the community in Florida but we wish to especially draw your attention to a section on the highlights of the latest happenings at the 16th North American Zarathushti Congress held earlier this month in N.Y.  It is our attempt to bring you the latest happenings, trends, issues (such as the declining/increasing  numbers, Zarathushti identity, age of Navjote, intermarriages, Iran, povertyetc.) and thinking on part of the community at-large in North America since most of you were not at the Congress.  A few photos are also included to give you a glimpse of the proceedings and the entertainment.  We wish you happy reading and all the best in the New Year.
Sincerely,  Jahanbux Daruwala (President –  ZAF Board)
The index of the issue is as follows:

Pg.                               In this Issue

5.     Muktaad in South Florida  

6.     N. American Census & Opinions at XVI Congress  

6.     ZAF Saal Mubarak – New Year Celebration   

7.     ZATAMBAY & Orlando News, by Ervad Soli Dastur  

8.     Z-Club Children’s News, by Aban Kavasmaneck

8.     ZAF Community News: 

                8. The Stork Arrives at Bharucha’s

                8. Relocation of F & P Sarkari Family

                8. Appeal from Marathon Runner; Perry Unwalla

                9. Our Condolences for Loved Ones of South Florida

                9. A Message from ZAF to Sikh Community

9.     N. Amer. Z. Religious Tele-Class, by Ervad Soli Dastur


10-15.                       BEYOND FLORIDA





16.  ZAF Calendar of Events (Sept-Dec, 2012)

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