…..by By Teenaz Javat

To me images of Udvada float in and out of my life, quite like the ebb and flow of the tide pounding the shores of the Arabian Sea on which Udvada lies. My memories of this temple town are interspersed with lazy summer holidays which just happened to be spent in the crucible of my faith and that of my forefathers.

By the end of April when schools were out for the summer, a smattering of stay-at-home moms would gather their kids, nephews and nieces, bundling us onto a steam train bound up the coast for Udvada. It’s where my maternal grandmother lived with my spinster aunt. It was our version of the ultimate summer getaway.

We knew every rail stop on the way and the gastronomic delights associated with them. Vendors would file into the second-class compartment selling everything from fresh seasonal fruit like chikoos and pears to snacks like daal-singh and coconut water.

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