Ronnie Screwvala: The Indian billionaire working for Disney

Ronnie Screwvala: The Indian billionaire working for Disney

Bollywood pioneer Ronnie Screwvala is Disney’s point man in India.


FORTUNE — Ronnie Screwvala believes in India. As a self-made entrepreneur, Screwvala turned his small cable television company, UTV, into a multimedia conglomerate worthy of Disney’s (DIS) attention. (Disney fully purchased the company for an undisclosed amount in 2012, and Screwvala is the managing director of the joint entity in India.) The key to Screwvala’s success: capitalizing on an emerging market. India still falls under that umbrella, and with the world’s second-largest population (70% of whom live in rural areas), there is much to be done in terms of innovation, says Screwvala. The billionaire’s foundation, Swades, targets India’s rural population in an attempt to provide reliable running water, access to education, and support for women.Fortune interviewed Screwvala to discuss innovation in India, his role in Bollywood, women in technology, and the future of Indian entrepreneurship. An edited transcript follows.

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Courtesy : Cyrus Boatwalla

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