Dishoom – Uncool in Mumbai, revived in London

Uncool in Mumbai, revived in London

10 June 2013, New Delhi, Naomi Canton

Once something is out of fashion in India, the West recycles it and makes it trendy again. Newly-opened Bombay Irani Café, Dishoom, in Britain’s capital, shows us how.

When I had lived in Mumbai, I had hung out in the likes of Café Coffee Day, Gloria Jeans and Barista. I had barely ever ventured to the Bombay Irani Cafes. Of course I went to Leopold but it was always so packed with tourists, I hardly got the Irani café vibe and after the 2008 terror attacks, it took on a new celeb status for the bullet holes.Shoreditch is a cutting-edge part of London where art, experimentation, creativity, freelancers, hot-desking, designers and a breed of Londoners known as hipsters can be found.
So, I was curious to hear that a Bombay Irani Café had opened up there.

But now in London a Bombay Irani Café called Dishoom is the latest place.

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Courtesy : Sam M.Billimoria


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