Parsis and Kashmir

As Zubin Mehta visits the valley, it’s time to explore an unknown mystical legacy




The forth-coming performance of Zubin Mehta, born in 1936 in a Parsi family in Mumbai,   has rekindled our interest in a very rich but lesser known Parsi presence in Kashmir.  Parsis or Zoroastrians are the followers of Zoaraster known as  Zartusht in the Islamic  world. Muslims are intimately acquainted with this religion as it is the only non Arab belief that finds honourable mention in Holy Quran. Islam equates pious followers of zartush, mentioned by Arab name Majusi, to the  men of piety from semitic religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Zartusht lived some time in 6th century BC  in Middle Asia, then comprising Iran and Afghanistan with a  lineage tracing to a spiritual  family from Balkh, Afghanistan. The close affinity of Zoarastrians with the semitic religions, especially Islam is well documented in the literature of the two religions. Majusis, like Muslims, believe in one ness of God, Ahur Mazda, and offer prayers five times a day. The only surviving monotheistic belief at the time of prophet of Islam (pbuh), it  therefore evoked   keen interest in this religion from the Muslim saints and scholars. The first Majusi who came in contact with the prophet (pbuh) and converted to Islam was Hazrat Salman Farsi. Recognizing his superior  spiritual prowess and piety  amongst the believers, Prophet (pbuh) showed great affection towards him and called him among the Ahl bait, a distinction bestowed to no other Muslim. Salman Farsi made  great  contribution towards establishing a just, honest and egalitarian society in the formative years of Islam. The Zoarastrian thought and philosophy was integrated  into the larger fabric of Muslim society in the form of what is known in history as the Iranian influence.  This subsuming gave  Islam and the world the great Abassi empire, the zenith of Islamic faith, art, and culture.

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  • It is most unfortunate to praise Salman Farsi as a Parsi Saint whose hands are soiled with blood, rapes, sodomy, misery, slavery of millions Persians, Indians, Buddhists, Christains and Jews. They brought a new concept which imposed a religion on people in a language which they did not understand. Anybody who did not accept their faith was deemed a kafir and could be killed or raped as per their religion. The Zoroastrians who praise him have truly lost their sense of justice and they do not understand the meaning of the words, Good Thoughts, Good Words and the most important Good Deeds. They are so foolish as to not understand the gravity of their crimes by praising a person who had encouraged genocide of all Kafirs i.e. non Muslims.
    Salman Farsi was particularly against the use of Fire worship in any religious practice. Hence, it is very shameful that we praise him as in Zoroastrianism as practiced today the Atash Behram at Udwada is the loftiest place of worship and is termed the Iranshah.

    Also, Mr. Zubin Mehta being an international celebrity should not visit Kashmir as the Kashmir people are in a state of perpetual imprisonment for the past 2 decades and there are more than 1 million armed personnel belonging to the Indian Army.

    Mr. Zubin Mehta should visit Kashmir when a true state of normalcy returns to Kashmir and AFSPA and Indian Army is withdrawn from Kashmir.

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