Website helps trace ‘missing’ Parsis

The website, started by  Ader Gandi and Yazdi Tantra, reunite members of the Parsi community. “The idea struck me when I started getting requests from people asking about fellow Parsis they wanted to get in touch with.

Unlike social networking sites that have billions of profiles and hundreds of people with the same name, finding a Parsi friend or a cousin is much easier on the website, as it’s exclusively for the community,” said Gandi.

The portal that started in October 2005, initially received a lukewarm response. However, the traffic on the site picked up in the past six months and now sees at least 10 posts per day. “Almost 50 per cent of the cases are solved through some connection or the other. You may not remember what the person looks like or their full name, yet the website allows you to post other details that can help people locate them,” Tantra says.

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