Farohar / Fravahar Monographs and Call for Images

Mr. K. E. Eduljee has posted a monograph on the “Farohar/Fravahar Motif. What Does It Represent? Use of Icons & Symbols in Zoroastrianism”, on the Zoroastrian Heritage website at

The monograph is available in two versions: a complete version with notations and source texts, and an abridged version without notations and source texts.
Mr. Eduljee is interested in knowing if you are aware of the farohar/fravahar motif being used from the end of Achaemenid rule in the 4th century BCE to about three hundred years ago. In addition, what is the earliest known use of the farohar/fravahar motif in the past three hundred years of which you are aware?
Please send this information and any images to enquiry@heritageinstitute.com. The information you provide could be very helpful in adding to our knowledge of Zoroastrian heritage.

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  • The Farohar created at London recently by Tata Steel looks suprisingly like a vulture and not like a Farohar at all. (Photos in Parsi Times.)

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