The Zoroastrian Craft of Kusti Weaving

Threads of Continuity

FEZANA partners with PARZOR in publication of the Book “Threads of Continuity”

We all wear a Sudreh Kusti after our Navjotes / Sudreh Pooshi but most of us do not realize the significance of this sacred armour in our life or religion. Published after close to ten years of research, Threads of Continuity is the first book ever to explain cogently why it is so important for our lives.
When we observe the great skill required in weaving a kusti and how each part of this sacred thread has a symbolic meaning, we shall wish to preserve this great tradition for future generations.

Here is an opportunity to learn more and share with our families and community the importance of maintaining the Zoroastrian culture and religion through understanding and appreciating the value of our ancient traditions.

Written by Ashdeen Z. Lilaowala with Shernaz Cama, Threads of Continutiy is available at Copies can be sent to Associaitons or to individuals who write to or call at 011 26513560.

Review of the book from Hamazor magazine Issue No. 1 (2014) by Ardeshir Marker attached – Review in Hamazor

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