The Real Story of Mushkel Asaan Behram Yazad

This is a real story which took place in Iran thousands of years ago…

This story positively changed and improved my and my families life both Spiritually and Personally.

I am sharing this video with a STRONG INTENT, that as it changed and improved my life, may it with Divine grace BRING a POSITIVE change in your life as well……

My heart felt gratitude to Google and You tube, as the images and background music used in narrating this story was freely downloaded from Google and You tube. Thanks to the artist who’s images and background music helped me in narrating this Divine story…

Share it with others who may need it the most! Share it with people who’s name or picture flashes in your mind while you watch this, don’t hesitate….

READ THE ENTIRE STORY…Don’t leave it half way

Love and Peace to everyone

Hormaz Karanjia

Also check the story in English at

For Mushkil  Asaan prayer book in Gujarati – Click Here

Mushkil Asan

Muskil Muskel Aasaan Asaan Aasan



  • Thank you Behram Karanjia

  • Thanks Hormaz karanjia for sharing, that is great-

  • Yes, thank you! You have done a beautiful job! I painted a painting of it which I’m happy to share!

  • Thank you so much.This is for a generation who have not been taught tocread Gujerati and hence will bevofcimmense help to them

  • This story is more related to Islamic Culture than Zarathushti Culture.
    In Zarathushtrianism there is no Friday or Saturday. Our each day of the month has a specific name that relates to Spiritual entities — Ameshashpands & Yazats.

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