Kalyan Parsi Anjuman Agiary

Dear community members

We are thankful to the Trust of the Kalyan Parsi Anjuman for running the Agiary in Kalyan.

Kalyan not being a tourist spot, does not have many Zoroastrian visitors there, thus short supply of Sandal wood and largely rely upon the Kathi. There, the requirement of Kathi is around 2 tons in 3 months.

Thankfully, the Dasturji there, Dorab Dalal efficiently maintains the Agiary premises too.

Thus, we if we donate generously, the flames will remain there in the future.

For more details contact Dasturji Dorab Dalal in Kalyan. His mobile number is 8108526002.

Thanking all in anticipation.

Noshirwan Mistry


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  • Zenobia Zubin Dhamodiwala

    Dear Mr. Noshirwan Mistry,

    Thank you for the good words posted by you on 26th Aug 2014 about our Agiary in Kalyan . Unfortunately our Dasturji and Panthaky Ervard Dorab Dalal expired in September 2014. As rightly mentioned by you in your post, there are not many Zorastrians visiting the Kalyan Agiary. May I add that there are not even Mobeds willing to join as Panthaky in Kalyan.
    I have grown up in the Kalyan Anjuman, and the Agiary is very close to my heart as it is to many others in Kalyan. It is agonising to see that in a city of hundreds of priests, there is not one who is available for our Agiary. This makes me wonder where the hundreds of mobeds disappear after Muktad? It also makes me wonder why no priest is willing to come forward for our Agiary although the remuneration and benefits are as good as anywhere else. Has priesthood turned into a Profession ? Why are there applications from thousands of Mobeds to a Trust who is willing to give Rs. 10,000/- annually and not a single application for an Agiary that desperately needs a Mobed. Are our young boys being trained for Navar and Martab just for the select few agiaries in south Mumbai and abandon those that are far off?
    Currently we are facing a grave crisis and desperately looking for a Mobed who can be appointed as a Panthaky of the Kalyan Anjuman Agiary. I have thousands of more words I can pen, but I respect our Priests and the good work most of them do and the hardships most of them face. We request for your help and of others who are like-minded in helping us find a Mobed at the earliest.
    And I sincerely hope that at least one from the community, who proudly adds an ‘Ervard’ before his name, comes forward and serves the real purpose for which he wore the prestigious Pagdi in the first place.

    Best Regards,
    Zenobia (9820969719)

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