Zoroastrianism (Mazdayasna) – An Amazingly Ancient, Yet Advanced Religion and Philosophy

Mazdayasna-“the praise of Wisdom”, known as Zoroastrianism in the West, is the world’s first Monotheistic religion. Founded by the Prophet Zarathushtra in the Late Bronze Age about 3750 years ago, Zoroastrianism is not only one of the most ancient religions, it is also one of the most advanced philosophies known to mankind.

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  • Re. this video and the advent date of Zarathustra proclaimed as 3750 years ago – here we go again – following are my comments re. advent period of Zarathustra:
    The Zarathustra’s Advent Debate – c.600BC or c.6,000BC.
    Following are my comments in this matter of – Zarathustra’s Advent Date debate, in the Parsi community. … For an incomprehensible reason, some Parsis’ think that 3500 years ago, means 3500BC. … Not realizing that: 3500 years ago is 1486 BC. & 3500BC is 5514 years ago. (Basis 2014). I have seen this error made by community members, in words and in print.
    As one Canadian woman commented – at the Nov. 2003, ZSO lecture at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, after reading from a small pamphlet handed out by ‘Zoroastrian Society of Ontario’ saying:
    “How can these people claim that their prophet Zarathustra, 3500years ago, was the first who preached the monotheistic principle of worship; when Abarahm lived 2000BC and the advent of Moses 1500BC?”
    I had to introduce myself and point out –rather apologetically– that the date in the pamphlet was a typo, and it was meant to read 3500 BC.
    She didn’t seem convinced of my explanation since the ROM talk was based on the 24, Nov. 2003 (UNESCO) Proclamation of – ‘3000th.Anniversary of Zoroastrian Religion & Culture’.
    It’s inexplicable, as to ‘how & why’, World Zoroastrian Organization (WZO) London, & the Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York (ZAGNY), in cooperation with ‘The John W. Kluge Centre’ – allowed that poorly dated proclamation by UNESCO!?
    Some Parsis state that advent debate is unnecessary:- ‘600BC is a long enough time ago.’
    To which my comment is:- ‘So is 600AD – hence, why not place the prophet’s advent at the end of the Sassanian Dynasty in Persia? Then Zoroastrianism can be considered as an off-shoot, from the three Semitic religions, instead of the exact opposite; as proclaimed by many non-Zoroastrian Scholars.’ *
    The attached paper is for your information, in an effort to put a definitive historical advent period date as circa 6,000BC – for the Prophet Zarathustra – according to many non-Zoroastrian scholars.
    *Paper ‘Non-Zoroastrian scholars on Zoroastrianism’ available by request for those interested
    E. Kanga.

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