ZAMWI inaugurates Kamran Dar-e-Meher


ZAMWI Kamran Daremeher

On the upcoming very auspicious day, Shehenshahi Ardibehesht Maah, Kadmi Khordaad Mah and Fasli Meher Maah, and Sheherevar Roj, Saturday, September 20th 2014, our humdins in Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Washington DC Inc. (ZAMWI) will have the glorious inauguration of their brand new Kamran Dar-e-Meher (KDM)! It is a gift to ZAMWI by the philanthropic Iranian Zarathushtri, LateRavanshad Behdin Khodamorad Kamran, who built the KDM on his own and gifted it to the ZAMWI Humdins. (See the attached photo)

There will be an inauguration Jashan led by our own Mobed Saheb Brigadier General Ervad Behram M. Panthaki together with other Mobeds and Mobedyar. It will be my distinct pleasure to participate in this auspicious opening of the KDM and the Jashan!

Courtesy : Soli P. Dastur


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