by Late Mr. Cursetji M. Patel ( Not a scholar but a Kind Spiritual Zarathushti soul who has given us many gems in his life time )

[Time is the predominant factor in evolution and, as such, when the time comes, things happen as destined in Nature. The time is now ripe when all the Zarthushtis of the world should become aware of the coming of the Saviour, RAENIDAR BEHRAM VARZAVAND. It is possible that some unfortunate skeptic may not believe in it. So be it, but at least let him/her be aware of it so that when it does happen, that individual will not be absolutely at sea.

“Truth is stranger than fiction” is known to many. Still, due to lack of faith, they mistrust and fall in doubt. Although in today’s world, there are charlatans, one wishes to be cautious, but by having intellectual faith, one can avoid falling a victim to such dubious persons. True faith can take a person towards salvation.

As mentioned in the scriptures, after the advent of Raenidar Behram Varzavand, for 500 years the world will experience a better and peaceful period, having sway of more spirituality and less materialism but before that, mankind will have to pay a very heavy price to Nature for all the wrong committed by thoughts, words and deeds.]

The world deluge or “Jag Rael” or the popular story of Noah’s Ark is mentioned in all the main religions of the world. Before the world gets submerged in water due to heavy rains, floods and melting of the ice-cap of the North Pole, as per the Zarthushti Deen, “Soshyos”, whose status is only next to Prophet Zarathushtra, leads the beings of the world towards the North Pole to a place called Pamir ­ the roof of the world. After a lapse of some thousand years, when the water on the earth recedes, and the world seems inhabitable, the people ­ the “Anjuman” which comes down from the roof of the world – is led by Gayomard, the father of the Aryan race. From this event, Gayomard starts another cycle of Time known in the Zarthushti Deen as “Zarvane Daregho-Khadat”. (In Jasame-Avangahe-Mazda, a Zarathushtis daily prayers ­ “Thwashe Khadatahe, Zarvanahe Akarnahe, Zarvanahe Daregho-Khadate” ­ all these three denote cycles of Time.) “Thwashe Khadatahe” is a person’s individual time cycle, viz., one round of Time, i.e., before birth, birth-death and after- death. “Zarvane Daregho-Khadate” is the time cycle of 81,000 years from Gayomard to the world deluge and “Zarvanahe Akarnahe” is trillions and zillions of years of unaccountable cycles of 81,000 years, i.e., “Zarvanahe Daregho-Khadate”.

We are at present concerned with “Zarvanahe Daregho-Khadate”, in the beginning of which very high souls descended on the earth, namely, Nabanaz-disht and Poryotakesh Ravans who upheld the white side of Nature and fought with the dark side. This was the bygone era of Mazdayasnis; till we come to King Lohrasp’s reign who, being a very holy and pious monarch, gave away his kingdom to his son, Gustasp, in whose reign, due to the “Pukar” (call) of Spenta Armaity (Mother Earth), Dadar Hormuzd sends to this earth, the Prophet of Prophets, Asho Spitaman Zarathushtra . This took place somewhere around 5,000 years after Gayomard. In Gustasp’s reign, Asho Zarathusht teaches the Zarathushti Deen, and breaks the cloud of Tur-bara-Tur, the pinnacle of formation of gross accumulation of the dark side of Nature, which gets vanquished and white side of Nature is the victor. After this, dynasty after dynasty with their rise and fall, come and go on the earth, one by one. Different religions came into being and from time to time, Raenidars came, taught and went. The last Raenidar Adarbad Marespand, under whose jurisdiction we are still, at present, was during the reign of King Shapur II (309-379 AD), about 1600 years ago, whose Avesta we pray today and whose reign will end when the new Raenidar Shah Behram Varzavand (blessed be his name) will rule in Iran, renovate and renew the Mazdayasni Zarathushti Deen and protect with peace and prosperity, the citizens of the world.

Here, we will try to understand about the coming Raenidar of the near future ­ Shah Behram Varzavand ­ who will not only be Holiest of the Holy, but who also will rule as monarch and will be the guiding spirit of humanity at large.


1) In our Tandarosti prayers, it is mandatory to recite Shah Varzavand Ra, Dastur Peshotan Ra, Paigambar Hoshedar Ra, Hoshedar Mah Ra, Hoshedar Bami Ra, Soshyos Ra…..

2) Pazand prayers of “Naam-e-Khaavar” and “Chithram Buyaad” are two Setayeshs in Khordeh/Zend Avesta which predict clearly the coming of “Hoshedar-e-Zarthushtran, Peshotan-e-Vishtaspan, Vehram-e-Amavand, i.e., Shah Behram Varzavand Sahib.

3) Reference is made in the Farvardin Yasht, Jamyad Yasht and Zende Vohuman Yasht on account of Behram Varzavand.

In order to believe anything in this world, the first requirement is FAITH, “Etekad”, and when one reads one’s scripture with faith, he or she is able to conceive and understand more of Nature’s design. To those who believe, no proof is required, while to those “Doubting Thomas’s”, there is ample evidence in our scriptures and that of the world. As Jesus Christ said to Thomas when Thomas was not ready to believe that Christ had risen again (and wanted to check the Prophet’s wound himself) “Thomas, thou has seen and thou believeth; blessed are those who have not seen and still believeth.”


Our “Mazdayasni Zarathushti Deen” talks about Saoshyants quite often and Raenidar is of a high status in Saoshyants. Saoshyants also come to this earth in one Zarvane Darego- Khadat (i.e., 81,000 year cycle) even before the advent of Prophet Zarathushtra but the Raenidars come only after Prophet Zarathushtra. Generally, the Raenidar is born in “Geti” (world) during “Kyamat” times. Raenidars perform miracles to prove that they have been appointed by Nature with certain powers and rights. The last Raenidar, Asho Ashavan Adarbad Marespand , proved himself by performing a miracle of pouring a 1 ¼ maund molten brass (Kasu) on his chest in front of a full Anjuman, and still he came out of it unscathed – absolutely nothing happened to him.


Paigambar Sahib made 21 Nasks of “Fshusho Manthras” which were of Yazadi Zaban', after which he directed hisHavishts’ (disciples), to prepare 21 Nasks of “Manthra Spenta” which was done under the Prophet’s guidance. From these two sets of Nasks, Raenidars prepare “Saoshyanto Manthra” according to the kinds of souls who are going to come down on earth during their reign. At present, we are using the Saoshyanto Manthra given by the last Raenidar, Adarbad Marespand Sahib, in our present “Khordeh-Avesta”.

When Behram Varzavand Sahib will come, he will check, add to or deduct from the “Manthra” prepared by the present Sraoshavaraz and form the cloud (Gubar) of Avesta, create the lineage of his own Dastoori and then put those Avesta Manthra into use and practice for the people. The Raenidar becomes Sarosh Yazad’s representative and fights and clears the dark side of Nature and keeps the flag of Dadaar Hormuzd flying.

In the fourth and fifth Karda of Sarosh Yasht Hadokht, Saoshyants and Raenidars are remembered who not only do the work of advancement of souls who are living in the world, but also those who have departed from the world, even in “Arvahi” regions.

The above clearly shows that Mazdayasni Zarthushti Deen Renaissance will be done by our Saviour, Raenidar Behram Varzavand. But what about other religions? At present deterioration, corruption, vices, sins, satanic cults and abnormal behaviour, etc., are on rampage throughout the world and in all religions. It is often said that materialism has increased and spiritualism has decreased. The “Keresani” cult has increased and the Hom cult has disappeared. True, but it is not only we who are talking about the Saviour; other religions are also talking about their own religious Saviours.


Each religion draws its circle from one fixed central point only for its existence and works on this circle only. As these religions are drawn from one central point, they do not clash or come into conflict with other circles (normally). This centre in Avesta is called Naman'. The ordinary meaning of Naman is house/home, but this Naman is that home where the Creator of the universe resides and in this house the Deen which exists is called "Hudin" ­ Hu = Ahu HE. That meansHudin’ is the Deen of Dadaar Ahuramazda. The five main revealed religions of the world, at their appointed time, are born and commence from this Hudin'. As explained above, ordinarily, these religions do not clash or come into conflict with one another, but when in this world, grossness, evil and sins overflow, then the Deens shift away from the fixed centre and come into conflict with one another and between religions, the oneMinoi’ sublime religious co- operation which is shown in the Avesta sentence, “Hamazor Hama Asho Baed”, snaps.

At such time, from the Hudin which is standing on its “Naman”, each religion’s Prophet, when required, sends to the world, his Saviour ­ Raenidar, who, with the “MINOI” power vested in him, renovates his Deen.

Zarathushti Deen’s last such Raenidar was Adarbad Marespand Sahib, during the Sassanian period, whose Raenidari is still going on, which is sealed in the existing Avesta Patet, 12th Karda (paragraph) and whose Dastoori is still being prayed in all our ceremonies. The next Raenidar is Shah Behramshah Varzavand.

The Hindu Religion, in the holy Gita 4th Adhiyamana paragraphs, seven and eight, gives the famous shloka as follows:

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Galani Bhavati Bharat Abhutinam A-Dharmasia Atmanam Sujamai Hum

Whensoever Dharmasia (meaning Dharma – religion) becomes Galani (meaning falls), Atmanaman (meaning my form), Sujamia hum (meaning, I show Myself, I manifest).

Parimania Sadhunam Vinasai Duskatam Dharma Sanstha ­ A Thiria Sabhavami Yuge Yuge

1) For the preservation of the Holy One. 2) For destroying the unholy one and 3) To re-establish the Laws of Religion 4) I manifest Myself from time to time.

Muslims are talking about Emam Mahdi, descended through Prophet Mohammad’s daughter, Fatima. Hindu religious books are talking about Jagat Guru Kalki Avatar.The Bible says that a Saviour will come.

Like Shah Behram Varzavand of Zarthushti Deen, in the other four main religions of the world, Saviours are also born and are under the guidance of their individual advanced souls who will come out when the time is ready and according to the Laws of Jiram, will work under the guidance and in harmony with Shah Behram Varzavand Sahib as the Supreme Head, for the betterment of their religion and people’s prosperity. For these advanced souls, there is nothing to get slighted or insulted about this – they have no ego problems on being thus placed, for they know and understand the design of Nature, as to their own status in Nature.


He explained about the coming events in the time cycle of the future. (Ustad Sahib died in 1927). Whatever Ustad Sahib has predicted or explained has come true up to now. Among this is the coming of the Raenidar Behram Varzavand. When asked for the time of the birth of Behram Varzavand Sahib, he said that he was forbidden to say this, but he could give some signs which will occur in future, by which one can say that the Saviour has been born.

Ustad Sahib said that Behram Varzavand Sahib will be born between 1940 to 1950 when the planetary position will be Vazirat of sun and Kotwali of sun. Among other few signs which he gave were:

1) Aeroplanes which were all running and taking off horizontally will take off vertically and also without running. When this happens, you should know that the Saviour’s birth time is near.

2) When planes’ wings also do not remain, then you should know that the birth of the Saviour is very near

3) But when the tail also gets removed, then know that the Saviour has been born.

Also, a World War which would be going on for some years would suddenly stop. (This ultimately happened when the Allies threw the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan.)


According to the Zarthushti Deen, a Zoroastrian gets connected, after the age of 52 years, with Barjis (Brihaspati-Jupiter). After this age only, a Zarthushti Ravan has to commence important spiritual work in order to bring best results. “Kam Anjam Bayd Chun Ahurmazda Khodai’ blessings are in it. Behram Varzavand Sahib’s 52 years (1946 + 52 = 1998) may get completed by 1999, after which he is eligible to come out, if he so desires.


There will be great turmoil around the end of the century and immediately afterwards – which has already started from 1962, February, when in the sign of Capricorn, all eight planets came in the same line together. This period will end now. (1962 to 72 to 82 to 92 to 2002). During all these years, man committed follies and caused destruction, sins and sex liberations like animals, greed and corruption, etc. For all this, the toll will be taken by Nature, after which peace will be experienced under the Saviour. PLANETARY POSITIONS

“Hashem” (Mars) Shehanshat, Ravi (Sun) Vazirat, and Budh (Mercury) Kotwali is running from 1971 to 2002. From 2002, Mah Kotwali starts for 30 years upto 2032. Thus the year 2002 stands as the cut off- point, after which it is hoped that Shah Behram Varzavand will come. >From that time, the period of Adarbad Marespand Raenidar will end and Behram Varzavand Raenidar’s will commence. The calendar year YAZDIGARI will also end and Behram Varzavand years will commence. During this planetary position, men will have a breather and peace will return, under the reign of Shah Behram Varzavand.


After the invasion of the Arabs, Iran’s last noble king, Yazadegar Sheriar was defeated and killed. It became difficult for Zarathushtis to follow the Mazdayasnan Zarathushti Din (day by day) as the conversion was carried on by Islam. Still, many Zarthushtis lived in the mountainous areas and in clans doing “Beti ­ Vehvahar” ­ giving of the daughter in marriage within the clans only, but as time went by, this also started breaking and thus elders of the community, under the leadership of Dastoor Naryosangh Dhaval, started communicating with the Magav Mandal Sahibs who had gone in seclusion 49 years before the fall of Iran. The advice received from these Zarathushti high souls was to leave Iran and go towards the south of Hindustan, as the mother of Behram Varzavand (the next Raenidar who will bring about the renaissance of the Zarthushti Din) will be born in the west of Hindustan, somewhere near Gujarat. Hence, honouring this commandment under the leadership of Dastoor Naryosangh Dhaval Sahib who was “Six Kash Ashwan”, our ancestors left Iran and first landed at Diu and then from there, after some 17 years, they came to Sanjan where the good Hindu King, Jhadavrana, was ruling. The rest is history.


“There are many things in this world which we have not even dreamt of.” That enlightened Iran, the mother of the then world academics, was to be run over and strangled by Arabs, this was known to our Abeds of high caliber and thus, they left “jaher” Iran, a hundred years before the above event took place. Similarly, a second flock of high souls left forty-nine years before. The former is located at a place known in the Avesta as “Chaichasta” and the latter, “Kuh-e-Demavand” in Iran itself. The “Sahib ­ Dilan” (Master Hearts) holy master souls of “Kuh-e-Demavand” (Magi-Magian) – by a mysterious degree of Nature, the number of Magavans (Magi-Magian) existing at a time on the earth remains a constant 72. They went away from Iran, for the strict observance of the Zarathushti Law of Asha, Purity. These high souls help, our ancestors sought and as directed, came to Hindustan. These high souls can take in some person, as was the case of Ustad Sahib Behramshah Shroff, who stayed with them and brought the esoteric forgotten knowledge of our Zarthushti Din. We cannot enter their “Var” (meaning naturally protected place) which our eyes can never see, unless the Magavs so desires. The entrance of “Chaichasta” is described as “Abi” (meaning watery or through waters) mysteriously guarded, unknown even in dreams to the likes of us. The abode has around one million (10 lakhs) first grade souls of the highest status. They are direct “Burjisi” souls whereas Demavand Koh’s high souls have become “Burjisi” step by step (from lower grades of Jiram) as we will be in the distant future. Chaichast possesses the throne of the Prophet of Prophets ­ Asho Zarathustra.. After the departure of Asho Zarathustra from the world, The high soul that sits on this throne is known as “Zarthust- Temo”. `Chaichast’ also possesses the full 21 Nask of Asho Zarathustra . Demavand-Koh Abeds cannot enter or directly see the Chaichast Sahib, only the Saroshavarez Sahib who is the Head of the Magavs of Demavand-Koh can be in direct communion with Chaichast Sahib. These few points will show the spiritual position of Chaichast Sahib. At present, the coming Raenidar, Shah Behram Varzavand Sahib, is in Chaichast.


“Seeing is believing.” This adage has lost its lustre in today’s world. It is also the unseen which one has to believe. Today’s average men know that there are radio waves, TV waves present in the air everywhere although they cannot be seen by the eye. Similarly, “Geti” (the world) also has two parts – the seen and the unseen. One-third part is like Garodaeman (heavenly type) and the other two-thirds is Drujo-daeman (like the present seen world). “Demavand-Koh”, somewhere in Mount Demavand, Iran, is the unseen one, with its Magav Anjuman. We cannot find them or see them – they have drawn such a “Kash” around them that it will be difficult for even “Arvahi” (world of spirites) to penetrate there, leave aside human beings like ourselves. They can see us but we cannot see them, because of the “Kash” around them (an unseen fortress).

In order to understand properly, let us refer to the popular event of “Ramayan”. Laxman drawing a line, “Rekha”, telling Sita not to cross it whilst he was gone. Ravana, although as powerful or even more than Laxman, knew that he dare not cross the Laxman-Rekha because Laxman’s talismanic power was working there. Hence, Ravana deluded Sita to come out. This is the “Kash”.

In this world, just as our “Jaher” (known) Zarthushti Anjuman is present, so also there is “Baten (hidden) Anjuman (just like Jaher Iran and Baten Iran). One of the hidden Anjumans is near “Bhagu Rishi- Var” of Hindus, near Bharuch in Gujarat. This Zarthushti Anjuman is run by lower rung Abeds in comparison with Magavs of Demavand Koh Abeds. In this Anjuman, they follow the Fasal calendar, have Agiari on Fasal Alats, etc. The nine families of this Anjuman are advanced and pure and from this Anjuman, a woman would be born who would be Behram Varzavand Sahib’s mother, as destined by Nature. Once a young and handsome Asho-Nar who had come to Hindustan, visited this particular “Baten” Anjuman and was the guest of this Anjuman. Presently, they (the Anjuman) came to know that he was one of the Asho-Nar from the Abeds of Demavand-Koh, and hence, with reverence, they started to inquire about the Zarathushti Deen from him. In one of his discourses, on the happy occasion of a Fasal Hingam, which this Anjuman used to celebrate as in ancient Iran, when all the communities attended with their families, the topic turned to the chapter of “Kisas” (Retribution), “Karma”. The Abed-Nar explained that a person can have 1) “Kisas-e-Masavate”, or 2) “Kisas-e-Saade” or 3) “An-Karib-ul-Bokhtagi”.

1) “Kisas-e-Masavati” Masavate = mix/compounded Kisas. People who have good as well as bad Karma ­ just like present day people of the world.

2) “Kisas-e-Saade” Saade = simple kind of Kisas Not complicated, smooth, progressing further.

3) “An-Karib-ul-Bokhtagi” Karib = near, reaching “Moksha” (Salvation). This Ravan has only one or two more rounds left to come to this world. They do not get born in the known world, but do get born in Magav abodes.

Whilst the Asho-Nar was explaining the above, someone from the gathered group asked him, whether or not in their Anjuman there was someone having this “An-Karib-ul-Bokhtagi” status ravan. To which the Abed-Nar turned his eye to a corner where one little girl of six or seven years was sitting quietly and he pointed to her and said that in your Anjuman, this is the only “An-Karib-ul-Bokhtagi” ravan. This was greeted with much rejoicing and awe and high respect grew for the little girl.

According to the laws of duality, the above came into being and as Nature intended it to happen. Nature protects such high souls and does not allow them to tumble, less they become the soul of Masavati- Kisas. Nature has to undergo much expense to bring the soul to such a position.

The little girl who was pointed out by Abed-Nar as an “An-Karib-ul- Bokhtagi” Ravan recieved the admiration of all. But the Abed-Nar pointed out that the grade of “Ashoi” to which she should reach, will not be attained by her by staying amongst their Anjuman. Hence, ultimately, it so happened that the Abed-Nar returned to Demavand with the young girl, together with her father and mother, with the consent of all. After staying for some years in Demavand and achieving the required Ashoi, the girl and her parents returned back to the Zarathushti Anjuman which is near the Bhagu-Rishi Var around present Bharuch.

By this time, the little girl had blossomed into young womanhood and a suitable suitor was sought for her by her parents and also by the Anjuman. But alas! No one was found appropriate or worthy of her. It so happened that after much deliberation and discussion, the whole Anjuman arrived at the same conclusion that if anybody was suitable and worthy of her, it would be that Abed-Nar of Demavand who should be requested to enter into wedlock with her. And it did happen. Thus it came into being, in a wonderful and strange way, that one Asho-Nar of Demavand-Koh got married with a Parsee-Zoroastrian girl of the hidden Anjuman of India – the union of which gave to the world, the birth of Shah Behram Varzavand ­ the Coming Raenidar.


Some time after this auspicious birth, the Asho-Nar together with Varzavand Sahib and the mother returned to Demavand-Koh where, under the guidance of Abed Sahibs, the child’s formative years were moulded and the training of the Abed Master-Dil was imparted with care and love under which over and above all-round knowledge, spiritual knowledge’s strong solid base was laid. After certain years at Demavand, Varzavand Sahib shifted to Chaechast Var where, with the purest of the pure high souls like Soshyos, Hoshedars, Jamasp, Peshotan, Kaikhushru Padshah, etc., who come down to this world but remain in the background, Varzavand Sahib is performing very high secret “Amals”. When his time will come, he will emerge out of the Chaechast Kash, under the hidden but direct connection with Soshyos and with the blessings of the above quoted high sublime souls.

by Cursetji M. Patel

Courtesy : Hushang Vakil

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