Jamshedi Navruz on March 21st

Jamshedi Navruz on March 21st, Fasal (Seasons) and Fasli calendar:


Part I


Zarathushtis have been celebrating Navruz, which falls around March 21st since time immemorial, since our Peshdad King Jamshed celebrated it first and which is known as Jamshedi Navruz! Jamshed Padshah celebrated this day as the New (nav) Day (ruz) because it is the Spring Equinox when the time of the day and night are equal in length and after the long winter months, warmth returns and the planting of seeds (life) begin. The concept of spring or Renewal of Life (in March) is universally celebrated by other religions too. It is the universal celebration of new life returning to earth after winter is over! The Christians celebrate it with Easter (eggs symbolize new life); the Hindus celebrate it with Holi (sprinkling colors to signify the rebirth of vegetation). The Shi’i Muslims in Iran and throughout the world have retained the ancient Zarathushti custom of celebrating Navruz or, ‘Nourouz’ around the 21st March.


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Jamshedi Navruz on March 21st


Courtesy : Hushang Vakil

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