Six Parsi ladies with hobbies and businesses

BPB knocks on doors from Cusrow to Behram Baug to scout six Parsi ladies with hobbies and businesses that you should know about.

Turban Legend: Gulshan Kolah’s Parsi Paghdis

#SareeNotSorry: Zenobia Davar’s Garas

From Toran to Czechoslovakia: Benaifer Amaria’s Traditional Door Hangings

Cottage Industry: Gool’s Topli Ma Paneer

Fruit & Futons: Nilofer Rustomji’s Sofa Sets

 Jai Beam: Roshan Contractor’s Chandeliers

Click to read of their work & contacts.


Courtesy : Parsi Zoroastrian Anjuman of Secunderabad and Hyderabad

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