Astonishing Key board Artist Zubin Kanga

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Remember  the brilliant young Parsi pianist from Down Under, Zubin the son of Rustom Kanga and grandson of Adi Kanga the ‘father of Navi Mumbai’ ?  He has been touring Australia during the past month in a series of unique concerts.

Australia’s Classical Music and Arts Magazine LIMELIGHT talks  about his ‘electrifying modern repertoire’ in a   very complementary language in describing Zubin’ s innovative breakthrough combining modern electronic technology and  music which no one  has yet attempted in Australia.


Attached  below are  3 links:-

  1. The link to his interview on Radio National and videos that they took of two pieces he performed are here:

ABC Radio National Music Show 1/5/2015 – includes videos of two pieces being performed.



  1. Christopher Lawrence on ABC Classic Radio f.m.  on Morning  6 May talks about  his “Astonishing Keyboard Artistry.”

On the  link below, please move  the  fast forward slider on the  screen to a position below the  “C” of the word  Classic
under – ABC Classic to hear Christopher’s  praise.



  1. The live broadcast from Perth last Friday 20th May is available for the next month here. :

ABC Broadcast link Classic FM 92.9 20th May 2015 10pm AEST



  1. The review in Limelight Magazine of the performance in Melbourne is a MUST  READ too:


Here is  another ZUBIN to delight music lovers all over the  World.


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Rusi Sorabji


Click Here for his website



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