6th Annual Sports Day – Ontario Zoroastrians


Date:     Sunday, August 30, 2015
Time:     3pm (Prompt) for registration
Venue:   The Ontario Zoroastrian Community Foundation (OZCF),
located at 1187 Burnhamthorpe Road East Oakville, Ontario. Canada,    

Cost:      $5 per participant

Each participant will be given the following food around 5pm
2 x Hot dogs
2 x Chocolate cookies
1 x Bag of chips
1 x Bottle of water

 If you have any friends who would like to join, please let me know and I can put their names down.
You can invite school friends as well if you wish (but I need to know).

Events are:
– Running (sprints)
– Relays
– Sack race
– Sponge and bucket relay
– Egg & Spoon
– Tug of War
– Long Jump (maybe)
– Three legged races
– Soccer
– Hitting the baseball (distance-Maybe)

Sundays weather is meant to be great so do come out with the whole family, even if it is to spectate.

Contact Rumi Jasavala on:
Phone: 905 257 7864

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