RUKSHANA DRIVER , budding young artist from Singapore

Rukshana Driver is a 14 year old Zoroastrian ( Parsi) Singaporean girl and is a young artist (visual arts).
She started painting at the age of 5 years as a hobby which eventually became her passion by age 10. She then decided to join the prestigious School Of The Arts (SOTA) Singapore, which is an IB Secondary school.  She persevered in honing her skills in visual arts and at the same time prepared for the entrance test.  Out of 2000 applicants, 200 were chosen and she was one of them.
Recently, in conjunction with Singapore’s Jubilee Year, Kimberly-Clark S’pore Pte. Ltd. & SOTA organised a ‘Kleenex Celebrates SG50 Contest’ to select artworks to be used for Kleenex’s SG50 Facial Tissue Box. The winning design was created by Rukshana and these SG50 Facial Tissue Box’s are now available for sale in stores across S’pore.
She hopes to pursue in the Visual Arts and achieve many more of such accolades.


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