Translation of Khordeh Avesta in English

Hi Folks,

Wonder if you’d  be interested in an English translation of what we Pray and  what  the  Avesta  is all about.

If so  here  is a copy in PDF  format for your reading pleasure and understanding.

Something  for enhancing the knowledge of our  young ones.

Click here Translation of Khordeh Avesta in English  Learn & Enjoy,

Courtesy : Rusi Sorabji.


  • This is too large to print. I would like to know if a book is available and its cost, plus posting to UK. If so I would like one

    Thank you Gool Daruvala.

    • The same translation book was available
      I don’t know if the stocks are still there
      I think it was available at the Parsi Panchayat Office

  • Dr Dilnavaz Gamadia

    You can get Khordeh Avesta Ba Maeni by Ervad Kavasji Edulji Kanga (English as well as Gujerati version ) from Parsee Punchayet .Ushta Te shop ( run by Khojeste Mistry ) in KR CAMA INSTITUTE Opp Lion gate may have it.

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