August is a busy and important month for many of us at the Darbe Mehr. Pre Muktad clean up, the holy Muktad days, New Year and Khordad Saal are all on a very busy ZSO agenda. Please refer to the August Newsletter for full details.


Pre Muktad clean up

Your presence is required and appreciated.


Muktad Days

During these days – called Farvardegan in Pahlavi or Muktad in Gujarati – the ruvans or souls of dear departed visit the Earth. It is considered the duty of us living to welcome and honour them by the observance of various ceremonies. ZSO is proud to keep this tradition alive for the past three decades.

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New Year. 

At the conclusion of the Muktad comes a time for celebration. The dawn of a new year. Time to celebrate both at the Darbe Mehr on the 18th and at a subsequent joint ZSO & OZCF event on Saturday Aug 22nd

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Khordad Saal. 

Join us for Jashan to celebrate the birth of Asho Zarathustra on Sunday Aug 23rd

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We hope to see a large turnout at all events.

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Please click here for the August Newsletter


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