Frazan Adil Kotwal

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    Frazan Adil Kotwal, a 23-year-old Mobed from Pune, is also an Opera singer (baritone).

    Frazan has performed all over Europe and participated in music festivals, via scholarships.

    He has been accepted into the Musik und Darstellunde Kunst (maestro Zubin Mehta’s former school) as an ausordentlicher (extraordinary) student and the Musik und Kunst üniversität (formerly the Konservatorium). He will be choosing the Musik und Kunst.

    Frazan is mostly self taught and has done a few master classes. He also plays the violin and viola. He organises music groups for youngsters to learn and understand music.

    Most importantly, every year he prays in the Agiary during Muktad days.


    Courtesy : Pervin Merchant


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