Free Schooling for deserving Parsi Children

The management of S M Batha High School, Panchgani has decided to admit Parsi Zoroastrian deserving children free of charge. They will provide boarding lodging, uniform, books and even extra coaching in academic and train them in different sports.
Admission in all classes from junior K G to std X.
Contact details: 9820262632 or 02223686325


2 thoughts on “Free Schooling for deserving Parsi Children”

  1. Free Schooling as well Medical Aide free brings to mind the adage:

    Parsi Thy Name is Charity! in the end that’s what we have to show for compassion as we take nothing with us just our Thoughts Words Deeds!

  2. What a noble gesture. Giving a child the gift of education is one of the highest charitable deeds. My elder sister, my brother and I had the privilege of studying in S. M.Batha High School. This was during Mr. and Mrs. Batha’s time. We used to call them Pappaji and Mammaji affectionately. We have beautiful memories of our years at our Batha school.

    It gladdens our hearts to know that many more deserving children will be provided education at our Alma Mater. Keep up the good work.

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