Persiart7 is an initiative undertaken to create awareness amongst community members about various important and interesting aspects of our history and religion.

Persiart7 latest project highlights the key miracles and legends of Zoroastrianism; brought to life in the form of a desk calendar containing short illustrated stories. With the miracles and legends right from the prehistoric times to the present day Zoroastrian rituals; these scenarios have been depicted as paintings for the first time by our very own talented digital artist Yohan Mody.

This was possible with the valuable insights and guidance provided to us by eminent scholars like Er. Dr. Rooyintan Peer, Er. Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia and Er. Dr. Parvez Bajan.

A few of the well known stories covered are, Zarathustra explaining the religion to King Vistasp, Dastur Meherji Rana in the court of King Akbar, saintly Homaji the emblem of truth and innocence, Dastur Kukadaru’s life and parsi taro thabario.

The other lesser known but interesting stories covered are Kae Khusraw and the divine Adar Gushnasp fire, the ordeal of Sasanian High Priest Adarbad Mahrespand, the journey of High Priest Ardaviraf’s soul to heaven and hell, divine help to princess Nikbanu from the pursuing Arab attackers.

These stories have been narrated in simple language, to ensure understanding across age groups. Additionally, the calendar contains a monthly planner where the user can maintain brief notes.

We are attaching a few images of the paintings as well for circulation.

The cost of the calendar in India is Rs. 350

We can arrange for domestic and International couriers at an additional cost.

Contact us to book the calendars –

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Mobile – +91 9819392939

Whats App – +91 9819001422

Please feel free to circulate this amongst your friends.

Thanks and kind regards,

Porusp Faramroze Tarapore

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