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Dr. Roozan Bharucha is a proposer and innovator of the AI-Prosthetic Device Group research conducted and completed at the SystemX Research Centre. The entire article of the Press Release of the SystemX Research Centre, California is attached here.
SystemX AI-Prosthetic Group of devices containing smart

Robotic hand which is AI enabled and highly Quantum Computed algorithms make it self-intelligent. This robotic hand can be fitted to the amputee with surgical and non-surgical fitments. The device is connected with the nervous system and it senses the R-Waves generated by the brain to generate movement for this hand as per the brain signals.

features that will help amputees to feel even the lightest and most faded touch and perform the smallest of the task will be out in the market soon.

CALIFORNIA – 16 June 2017A set of revolutionary artificial intelligence enabled quantum computing controlled AI-Prosthetics will come into limelight with the medical legacy of R-Waves emitted as signals from the human brain. These devices are set to bring great ease to the amputees as they will allow them to feel each moment that happens before them just like the normal organ bearing humans.

A revolutionary prosthetic hand and limb that connects directly to the brain has created a great sensation in the history of prosthetic devices and its researches. These devices are grouped under the category of AI-Prosthetics by the SystemX Research Centre who has obtained medical legacy over the base that controls these devices reported as the R-Wave Brain Signals. The entire group of research and its products is an idea of a 35 year young gun named

Dr. Roozan Bharucha

Dr. Roozan Bharucha who proposed his research theory for sale to the SystemX Research Centre from where this entire project has never looked back and always kick fired with great enthusiasm amongst the prosthetic device users.

The SystemX Research Centre, California’s AI-Prosthetics subordinate group head, Dr. Zion Almena said, “We have completely obtained legacy over the use of R-Waves which are further going to be used in AI-Prosthetic devices. The entire research has been completed and we have presently a group of AI-Prosthetic devices such as X-Hand, X-Limb, X-Eye, X-Ear/Drum, Brain Bleeding Analyser (Ver. 1.012) and X-Speech System. With the approval of these waves, the entire set of AI-Prosthetic devices will move on to our next phase where we will give these devices for more human testing and implementation and also proceed to acquire complete rights and payment procedures with the proposing scientific professional so that we can give the devices for mass production and make them publicly available to the customers by the end of September 2017.”

These set of AI-Prosthetic devices are for the people living with paralysis or missing limbs who will not only be able to manipulate objects by controlling their prosthetics directly with their brain. These devices will be able to sense and identify what they are touching and how they are touching. These set of devices will be made functional by placing the electrode arrays made of Gold and Nickel onto the volunteer’s sensory cortex location (non-surgically or surgically through no-cut laser) which directs body movements by sending wireless signals from the cortex chip to the prosthetics. It’s for the first time that any research has implemented this technology by breaking new neurological grounds by routing electrical touch signals in the prosthetics back to the sensory cortex by using specialised feedback and sensory artifacts.

In the non-surgical implantation tests, the 20 volunteers were fitted with a AI – Prosthetic Hand out of which all 20 experienced and could identify the lightest of the touches to their fingers with 100% accuracy. Similarly, 10 volunteers were fitted with an AI-Prosthetic Eye and AI-Prosthetic Speech System. The 10 volunteers who were fitted with AI-Prosthetic Eye gave clear cut explanation of the object kept in front of them to be recognized as well as reacted to reflexes in a normal pattern giving 100% accuracy. The 8 out of 10 volunteers fitted with AI-Prosthetic Speech System (dumb patients) were able to emit voice tones and alphabets kept in front of their eyes as well as speak out answers to the questions asked to them as per their brain signalling.

Dr. Salomon Bhojwick, President, International Prosthetics Union, Florida said, “These devices will be the world’s first sensory prosthetics which will include the smartness of a human being embedded into the machine. The cost of these devices shall keep low compared to normal devices as it includes mostly programs and light weight circuitry that is simple and cheap to manufacture with open code system that reduces the cost of buying licensed codes. These devices will prove to be a boon for the prosthetic users and hopefully be affordable to all the needy customers.”

SystemX Research Centre is the world’s Digital Innovation Centre which researches on transforming medical systems with software defined machines and solutions that include high end and precise quantum computing and artificial intelligence making them connected, responsive and predictive. SystemX shares this innovative knowledge with medical industry giants enabling them to form high quality medical instrumentation which works for the benefit of the patients.

​Ms. Niona Karl
SystemX Research Centre – PR Department
*Use contact form and quote the Press Release ID

Research Department: AI – Prosthetics
​Stage of Research: Post – Research Clinical Testing

Some of Dr. Roozan Bharucha’s other creations :


Brain Bleeding Analyser which analyses the bleeding within the skull without the need for any CT in emergency situations. This product is about to launch in this year.


Prosthetic Eye is a device which when fitted into the sockets of the amputee and connected with the nervous system, the camera works as an eye which senses images and sends signals to the brain for further normal analysis.


Its a digital pace maker, when the heart functions are abnormal, the patient can get it rectified with this unique digital pace maker device which automatically regulates the heart beats of the patient as per the brain excitement and nervousness of the patient without harming the device. Moreover this device remains connected with special AIWI technique which enables the manufacturer to send continuous updates to the device and keeps it up to date.



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