• farida, good luck in your venture

  • Mrs Shanoor K Mirza

    Wow Farida so very innovative.
    Do you encourage others on earning through their own innovations and having entrepreneurship development tendencies rather than a fancy for begging from charitable contributions?
    Truly Zoroastrian
    Yours religiously

  • Ervad Pallonji Cowasji

    Good Job, Farida! Quite a meaningful and an inspiring poem. May God Bless you.

  • Thank you for your feed back
    I have embroidered a Wall Size Farohar for my daughter’s wedding. I make my own purses & embroider them. I made Cell Phone covers & embroider table cloths. Making a kind of quilt
    from a flat plain bed sheet & embrodering the symbols of the places I have visited eg Taj Mahal etc.

  • Resilience
    Education is the most powerful. We can use it to change the world

    Though Asho Zarathushtra was the “Chosen one”
    Anointed by His Mentor Ahura Mazda
    He did not “Pride Himself or behaved vainly
    ‘Cause He knew;
    ‘Egoism is the anathesia
    That deadens the pain of stupidity”

    Everywhere He went
    The Pristine Message
    He tried to preach
    It went in from one ear
    Out the other
    He had Hope as well
    As He did not resort to Violence
    But chose the Path of Resilience

    Sweat dripping from head to toe
    With shoddy foot wear on His feet
    From sunrise to the setting of sun
    Preaching to anyone who would listen
    That Ahura Mamzda does not
    Discriminate because of
    Colour Caste ot Creed
    Bur having respect Tolerance
    Equality Dignity
    For all humanity

    PS SOmeone had unsubcribed me for this group

  • Ushta all

    I do embroidery as well poems for pleasure. Rather than gossiping through the grape vines and doing nothing when Zoroastrianism is at stake like to leave this world better place

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