Fire Temples & Agiaries 2

Hang up your
Priestly garbs
Do not pretend
To be pious
And pray near
The Holy Flame
‘Cause you guys
Do not have a spine
To “Play The Game”

You are responsible
For the decline
In the community
Because of
You attitude of
Racism Discrimination
As well Bigotry.

Instead of uniting
The community
You guys have
Divided the community
Front left center
By creating a
“San Andreas Fault
Doesn’t it bother you
That Our Fire Temples
And Agiaries
Are in utter ruin?
What do we
Have to show for?
Care free attitude
Ego & Pride?

Why are we so
Gullible that we
Let them
Herd us like sheep
As though say
We have no brains
It’s sheer laziness
As well Laissez Faire

Zoroastrianism is
already sinking
Before we know
It will fade away
Going going gone.

Smarten up people
Take up the fight
If we all band together
Zoroastrianism surely will

Any takers

PS this poem is in response Mr Kotwal`s complain about building tracks under Atash Behram.

Choicest Happiness


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