Jiyo Parsi Launches Jiyo Care with Calendar

Follow these steps to avail of the 3 Jiyo Parsi Care Facilities The objective of the Jiyo Parsi Care Scheme is to encourage couples to have more children and in turn increase the Parsi Population.
Scheme 1: Crèche and Child Care Support – Support to families up to maximum 24000 per month, per child – Available till the child is 8 years old – Payment is for crèche or child care giver expenses
Scheme 2: Senior Citizen Honorarium for Child Care – A capable senior citizen can care for community children – She/ He will get Z3000 as honorarium per child – Applicable up to the child is 10 years old
Scheme 3: Support to couples to help look after Elderly Dependents staying with them – 24000 per month per elder (60 years and above) residing with the couple – Available to couples whose income is below 10 lakhs p.a. – Main aim is to help the couple to either start a family or increase their number of children
Availability of Application Forms Download forms from website www.jiyoparsi.org or the Jiyo Parsi page on Facebook
Fill out all the details and courier the form to: Dr. Katy Y. Gandevia, Jiyo Parsi Programme, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Sion Trombay Road, Opp. Deonar Bus Depot., Deonar, Mumbai 400 088 (Mobile) 9819140820


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