The Gathas – in the words of Zarathushtra

In the words of Asho Zarathushtra…

The Gathas are the Heavenly songs of our Dear Prophet Zarathushtra.  These divine hymns in essence, represent Zarathushtra’s communication with Ahura Mazda, in which the Prophet enquires about various aspects of the corporeal and spiritual worlds that embody the Almighty’s Holy Plan. It is through these Gathas that we learn that Ahura Mazda ordained Zarathushtra to propagate our great religion and lead mankind.

The five Gathas address a wide variety of information, which include, the creation of Nature, the concepts of Asha, Vohu Manah and the Twin Spirits, the choices that mankind has to make between Good and Evil, the expected outcome for the demons of the time, the punishment for the followers of falsehood, and a slew of other material. The devotional ‘Manthras’ that Zarathushtra prayed at the time to invoke the sacred Blessings from Ahura Mazda, is sprinkled in different verses of each Gatha.  These specific verses could very well be a great source of divine prayers for us to recite as well.

To allow a true Zarathushti to pray these selected sacred verses that are relevant to our daily lives, I have extracted these verses from each Gatha and have compiled them in a PDF format.  I have also provided the English translation for each stanza, to help with the understanding of the meaning of each verse for the reader.  This translation is based on “Gatha ba Maani” by Ervad Cowasji Eduljee Kanga, and “Divine Songs of Zarathushtra” by Iruch Taraporewala.

I am well aware of the unfortunate degradation of our community members throughout the world, to shy away from following the tenets of our religion, let alone reciting our daily prayers.  However, even if a handful of true Zarathushtis do get a chance to recite these verses, I will consider myself blessed by Ahura Mazda.


  • Gathas of Asho Zarathushtra is applicable to those who believe in His Divine message of Tolerance Acceptance treating people with Dignity & respect/
    Praying the Gathas on one hand & practicing Racism Discrimination Bigotry as well as Segregation on the other the Gathas are totally ineffective null & void
    That’s my 2 cents. I bet most of you will agree with me

    • Dear Farida, I agree with you a 100%. I am not a religious person but a spiritual one because of the watered down versions of all religions created by selfish people to attain their own motives. I would rather stay with the do good and stay away from evil.

  • I am not obsessed with Racism Discrimination Bigotry Segregation running tampant in our Zoroastrian Community but trying to draw attention that our Religion is sinking deeper in quick sand. So instead of fighting for the cause to save Our Zoroastrian Temples please fight to save our religion
    I am sure you will all agree!!!

  • By wearing a Sudreh and Kushti one promises to adhere to the 3 tenets of Asho Zarathushtra.
    But apparently it is not the case We tailor Zoroastrianism according to our needs. Isn’t that Hypocrasy.? Doing the kusti prayers, mumbling in front of the Holy Fire & do exactly the reverse?.

    Any feed back would be appreciated

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