Scholarships for University of Oklahoma

ZOROASTRIAN FACULTY NETWORK in collaboration with R. D. SETHNA SCHOLARSHIP FUND invites Applications from Indian Zoroastrian students for grant of Loan Scholarships for the next academic year starting August 2020 for a two years Master’s Program in Engineering culminating in a Doctorate Degree.
The first Scholar would be admitted to the University of Oklahoma, USA provided he/she meets with the criteria of the University and the Selection Committee. The Scholar will be under the mentorship of Professor Farrokh Mistree in the areas of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering or data sciences.
The Scholar would be selected after an intense interview, scrutiny and will be mentored based on their academic performance, constructive service to the Zoroastrian community in the past and their spirit of selflessness to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the people they touch.
The selected candidate will be guided for further funding from other Charitable Trusts / Organizations.
The Scholar would be expected to pay back the scholarship grant in a reasonable period after graduation such that the monies can be utilized for other such scholars.
Applications may be submitted online at not later than 15th October 2019.

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