• Ahh! Those were the rhe days!

  • Kaiyomerz Sattha

    Has anybody got a recording of any of the 30-minute Adi Marzban radio dramas that used to be broadcast on Radio Bombay-A once a month at 9:30 PM>

    • AIR replies that they have lost the tapes or misplaced them. In any case they are unavailable as far as I know.

  • Does anyone has archieves of Adi Marzban’s famous Doordarshan Program Aavo Maari Saathe …?

  • I would also like to hear old Adi Marazban’s old drama

  • Jamshed E Baliwalla

    Wonderful, excellent
    Myself and many Parsis would like and have fun to see Parsi Nataks

  • Lovely. I have happy memories of spending time with Kersi Mistry and Jaloo Bhesania when they would frequent our home. They sung “Gao Khushina Geet” produces by my mother Shehnaz Munshi.
    Would love to have the parsi qawwali by Adi Marazban “maatida ni jaat” and the play “aagal dhasia toh pachal khasiya”

  • Nice. So good to hear.

  • Lovely…

  • This cassette motivated and inspired and awakened a new pride for my religion and a new found energy. I cannot explain it but it was very energizing and gave me new lease on rediscovering my prayers and Zoroastrian faith. Thank you and god bless you.

  • GM vp to hear this song and gb u all

  • Vhappy to have this tape never heard before. One song as a Child i remember. Hamari din zaratoshi jagat ma.

  • Oh…my childhood memories..wud listen to this songs with my grandmother.

  • Very nostalgic ! My father acted in Adi’s play Masino Mako (Charlie’s Aunt). I have many childhood recollections of enjoying the songs!

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