Khurshed Batliwala’s webinars on Happiness and Well-being continue to wow the Parsi community!   



Khurshed Batliwala’s webinars on Happiness and Well-being continue to wow the Parsi community! 

Khurshed holds an M.Sc. in Mathematics from the prestigious IIT Bombay. He chose the unconventional path of becoming a teacher of Meditation with the Art of Living Foundation immediately after graduation.  The inspiring speaker has worked with the Foundation for 27 years and travelled across the world teaching people how to lead happy, productive, creative lives by harnessing the power of meditation.

Khurshed, an Author, Personal Coach , Senior  Mentor and a renowned Speaker addressed the Parsi community in his second webinar on 19th July, 2020, facilitated by Jehangir Bisney of Hyderabad.

Watch his webinar with the Parsi community

Viewers enjoyed the simple, practical yet powerful principles of well-being and happiness professed by the speaker after which they were led into meditative bliss. People commented that this was the first time they really understood what meditation is, and how profound an effect it can have in their lives. Khurshed`s  charming, articulate style and wisdom are greatly appreciated by the Parsi community, who have requested him to conduct more such inspiring interactions.

With his colleague Dinesh Ghodke, he has co-authored two books – Ready, Study, Go! published by Harper Collins and Happiness Express published by Amazon-Westland. Ready, Study, Go! is for anyone who wants to figure out how to use their brain effectively and efficiently and has helped countless students excel in their work. Happiness Express is a an all-inclusive life instruction manual on well-being. It has amazing tips and easy to follow guidelines and manages to tickle the brain and touch the heart at the same time.

With his team, Khurshed Batliwala has created hundreds of YouTube videos for his 100,000+ subscriber base there. You can subscribe to his channel and watch them on

He has more than 1,64,000 followers on FaceBook – his handle there and on Instagram is @khurshedbatliwala

The Spiritualist`s  posts on LinkedIn trend quite often under various Hashtags – his profile is on

You will find his website and blog on
Khurshid Batliwala brings to the table a smooth blend of technology and ancient Indian Spirituality. He is an articulate and forthright Zoroastrian  who is known for his warmth, wit and wisdom.

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