Anoushiravan Dadgar High School, Tehran

Anoushiravan Dadgar High School, Tehran; the first all-girls school in Iran, was built by Ratanbai in memory of her father Nusserwanji Ratanji Tata, a Zoroastrian from Bombay. It was designed by Nikolai Markov, a famous Iranian architect who built several landmark buildings.


  • Beautiful building!

  • May Ahura Mazda bless Ratanbai Tata’s soul and that of all our great ancestors who did noble works for the community and religion on this occasion of the birthday of Asho Zarathushtra !!!
    What year was the girl’s school built ?

  • We had been to 1 school in Yazad when we had gone to Iran but I can’t recollect going to this school

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