Zoroastrian Calendar with Historical Family Events

Objective of Utility:

  • To generate and merging of the Zoroastrian (Shensahi or Kadmi or Fasli) Calendar for any year, along with the family’s private historical milestones and anniversaries.
  • The anniversary details can be “exported” to any other calendar systems.

Functionality Overview:

The utility is an offline MS Excel workbook with macro which has “organically” grown over time.

The family milestones are recorded with the following attributes:

  • Event’s name, description, event’s Mah/Roj combination, Gregorian Date, etc
  • Define the event as a yearly or monthly(ie repeat for each “Roj”) event
  • Whether the event should be sent to any external calendar interface or not.

The utility generates the calendar for any year, in four different formats (as 4 separate Excel sheets).  Which can then be printed as desired?

Various miscellaneous functions have been provided.

  • Formatted printout of the inputted Milestone events.
    • Validation of the inputted milestone data. (i.e. month(Mah) and day(Roj) combination with the Event’s Gregorian date).
    • Copy of the Milestone events data for any analysis/sorting in a separate sheet. (e.g. age in days of the event, etc)


  • Excel Macro must be enabled when the Excel workbook is opened.
  • The milestone data for all different Zoroastrian Calendar systems are stored separately.

But only one is visible at any point of time.

  • All other sheets (e.g. Generated calendars, etc) are common to the system.  Thus a regeneration of the calendar system will be required if the Zoroastrian calendar system changes. There are no restrictions on how many times the calendar generation or other functions are executed.
  • Switching the Zoroastrian calendar system would show the previously stored data for the respective Zoroastrian calendar system.

Author:              Zarir Daruwalla  (zarirdaru@yahoo.com)

Comments/Suggestions/Enhancements/Bugs/Errors welcomed.

You may download the Utility as an Excel File – Click Here for the download link

Zarir J Daruwalla

Zarir Daruwalla is a retired Information Technology  professional with over 30 years of experience in various aspect of Information Technology.  Before retirement, he has worked in various sections of the IT department,  at the senior management level. He was involved in design,  building and running of a number of large IT systems.

He has over 20 years experience in the logistics domain.

He is passionate about mentoring others in various IT and logistics domain topics.

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